Halo Achievements + Commendations + Armor

Hey there! I’m 28 years old, from Germany and I’m looking for team mates from Germany or Europe to play Halo with.
My goal is to get all achievements + commendations + armor in every Halo game on 360 and One.
Therefore you need:

  • All Halo games
  • All DLCs
  • A Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • A Headset
  • A Xbox Live Gold Account
  • A Stable internet connection
  • To speak either German or clear English
  • To be a friendly person ; )
    No problems playing with people from the USA or other countries outside of Europe in general but unfortunately never really works out due to time zone problematic.
    Your age, -Yoink!-, religion and origin do not matter to me. I just wanna play Halo with people who love playing all the games and have the same goal of course.
    Unfortunately my personal free time is limited due to girlfriend, friends, family, full-time job etc. which is why I cannot play 24 hours day after day… sadly :smiley:
    But I like to spend my free time playing Halo.
    So please feel free to send me a friend request but please give me a message that you found my introduction on Waypoint or something like that because otherwise I’ll think your just some guy who is randomly trying to add me aaaand I’ll probably decline ^^
    Thank you very much!
    Hoping for many friend requests : )


> 2533274843634673;2:
> OctoSquad

Thx, but already member of a Spartan Company ^^