need help tallying up my last few halo achievements, i need help with :
Halo : Reach
Totally Worth It
Don’t Touch That
Paper Beats Rock
Emergency Room
From Hells Heart

FireFight Rally Point
FireFight Chasm Ten
FireFight Last Exit

Will be online for couple of hours lets try and get some done Message me and say ODST or REACH GT: kingclothier thanks lets see how this goes

Dude, I’ll be willing to help and I’ll be online later. I’d love to go back to ODST to do some achievement hunting. I already have all of the achievements in ODST, but I’m sure if I help you, you’ll help me too. Friend request me, I’ll be online around 7-8pm EST.

yeah man sounds good, what do you need help with and whats your GT

any other willing samaritans out there?

My friend and I can do the ODST ones. His gamertag is TROOP CGK. And min is right next to this post

My friend and I will help we still need the odst achievements and some halo 3 ones. Message or friend request teel6991 or MiniMe010 and we’ll be glad to help.

I will help :slight_smile:

thanks everyone for your help with the reach cheevo’s