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halo needs to stay being an area shooter. the push and pull of map and weapon controll…my team works well to get power weapons killing 2 enemies to secure rockets for the team cause he died. our sniper snipes theirs from our tower. knowing it is my skill that gets the kill or keeps me alive i make my move. getting put into one shot and backing up and pulling off the come back. pushing from my position while team mate is coming from another. and communicating that, with call outs so that we both put shots on enemies and they die, but when i think its safe. its too late im too far into the enemy spawn and already taking too many shots. so i aquire a target while making call outs so my teammate gets the clean up. but wait im still alive. shields are down but im no help to anyone anymore. i hold position and wait for the recharge. get another guy one shot push the flank and get bolt shot in the face by some camping noob with pro vision or anyother AA that they didnt have to -Yoink!- for. where did that hand held shotty come from? HE STARTED WITH IT. AND THEN I HEAR A TEAM DIE. HE CALLS OUT ROCKETS AT THEIR SPAWN, CONFUSED I PUSH JUST TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE ENEMY SPAWN. AND GET ROCKETED FROM AFAR CAUSE THE -Yoink!- SAW ME COMING AROUND THE CORNER FROM ACROSS THE MAP WITH PRO VISION.
AA and orden drops changed the game so the people that were about too take the lose are now in the lead. halo has changed to give BKs a better chance instead of their skill being the prime demoninator.