Halo 6's Story

Halo 5’s story was a flat out disappointment, the weakest in the series. Though it wasn’t bad, it was obvious 343 went the route Bungie did with Halo 2. With counter perspectives, an overly long campaign, a cliff hangar ending, and ultimately focusing on multiplayer. Halo 5 isn’t at all a bad entry in the Halo series, in fact 343’s effort to appeal to old school Halo fans is a payoff in some aspects in my opinion. Say what you will about Halo 4 and it’s multiplayer but it’s story was so well done. For once in the entire franchise we saw Chief weak and exposing the human underneath that armor in a race to save his dying companion, with great performances from him and every one else. You can feel the tension and emotion in every cut scene. But Halo 's story wasn’t at all what I expected. Despite Josh Holmes insisting Chief is still a main character he is overshadowed greatly. And before I get into that let me discuss the issue with counter perspective.
Halo’s campaign should always be about Chief(With the exception of Reach). When there’s a counter perspective tying events together is confusing. 343 is not guilty of this but so is Bungie. Even they admitted tying the two events of Chief and the Arbiter in Halo 2 was confusing and had to end it somehow. That’s the issue with counter perspective, pulling those events together is confusing and it doesn’t end well. But were as in Halo 2 you play as Chief and Arbiter in a perfect balance, in Halo 5 there 3 missions where you play as Chief. But this is about Halo 6’s story and I think it will and should unfold.
At the end of Halo 5 Chief is reunited with Halsey, Arbiter, and Palmer. That ending alone and Halsey saying “Took you long enough” conveyed so much emotion that should of been in the who story. Infinity running from Cortana should hopelessness and was also great. But what got me going was the Legendary ending where we hear Cortana humming and a familiar looking object lights up…and 343 if you take this approach the right way, you may have a Halo as good as Bungie’s. Guys…we may have another Halo game take place on…well the only thing the game is named after…it may take place on a Halo. That alone will have a lost old Halo fan wide eyed with excitement and with all the old school characters reunited like the Arbiter, Halsey, and Blue Team the events that could possibly unfold would sing the spirit of Halo. But let me paint a picture of what I expect, Cortana activates the Halo array and threatens to activate it, the Covenant somehow form again and learn about it’s activation and try to siege it from control, and the UNSC and Sword of Shanghelios go to the ring and try to stop it from activating. I expect, a massive battle setting similarly conveyed in Halo 3 or Reach, the feeling of hopelessness and emotion, massive in game battles where you play as Chief fighting alongside familiar faces like Arbiter, Blue team, and Osiris, twist and turns, and if you throw in a massive space battle more reminiscing of Reach’s space battle you will have an absolutely great campaign and one I would happily play over and over again.
In conclusion these are what I expect from Halo 6’s story and if 343 was wise they would take that route and they should.

I’d love to see the giant battles again where it’s half friendly and half enemies. Also, what if humanity is starting to fight back and win, then Cortana realizes she has to destroy the human race and reunite the covenant to stop them. And I mean like ALL the covenant. The brutes and drones included. Eventually it would come down to Cortana trying to use the halo, the flood accidentally unleashed by the covenant, and Cortana realizing to just start all over with the Galaxy.