Halo 6 Wishlist, what's yours?

Im curious as to what the communities wish for in the upcoming Halo 6. I would like to state mine below.

For campaign, I would like to see an expanse of terrains, sole emphasis on MC, brutes, drones, skirmishers, some halo 2 cut content (cut alien species), actual elites that made me take them seriously (CE, Reach), perhaps water combat, and better space missions.

As for general multiplayer gameplay, I’m honestly fine with either a simple design (Classic Halo Trilogy) or the current formula we have today (enhanced mobility) As for Customs, Firefight, Spartan Ops, and even campaign, that’s another story.
Fully customizable Loadouts only for Firefight, Spartan Ops, and Customs
Bring back all Tactical packages (custom games, firefight, spartan ops)
Bring back all Support upgrades (custom games, firefight, Spartan ops)
Bring back all Equipment (custom games, firefight, Spartan ops, campaign)
Bring back all Armor abilities (custom games, firefight, Spartan ops, campaign)
Bring back all Power Ups (custom games, firefight, Spartan ops, campaign)
Bring back some Spartan abilities (custom games, firefight, Spartan ops, campaign)
Bring back Dual wielding (custom games, firefight, Spartan ops, campaign)
Weapon variants (warzone weapons)

Return of the majority of the weapons from all previous games. All factions included. Use of the Artemis tracking system for multiplayer objective game modes. Visors, each with different uses for combat, I’m sure 343 can think of something

Combination of Reach and H4’s customization

  1. Helmet + 3 attachments per helmet
  2. Shoulders (left and right) + 2 attachments per shoulder
  3. Chest + 4 attachments (grenade belts, knives, ammo pouches, rucksacks)
  4. Thrusters
  5. Forearms
  6. Gloves
  7. Thighs + 2 attachments per thigh
  8. Calves/Shin + attachments per side of lower leg
  9. Wrists (like reach, left and right)
  10. Knee Guards
  11. Utilities (additional ammo pouches, grenade belts, storage cases, knives in miscellaneous areas)
  12. Armor Effect
  13. Custom Visor Color (base color and secondary glare color)
  14. Armor Skins
  15. Custom HUD
  16. Undersuit color

Let me know yours.

Why not use the existing H6 wishlists instead? It’s better to have everything in one place rather than having bits and pieces scattered about.

Feel free to use the existing thread.