Halo 6 wish list

Halo 5 is done and there is not much they can do to change it now. So I guess we could make kind of a wish list for the next installment. Here is some of what I would like to see, I would like to see others suggestions as well. Let us get our suggestions heard and continue to make this franchise great.

Things I would like to see return:

  • duel wielding
  • invasion/firefight game type
  • equipment (bubble shield, regen field, etc)
  • Reach style armor effects

New things I would like to see:

  • human\forerunner hybrid weapons
  • covenant v human war zone variant with playable elites (elites having their own abilities)
  • enhanced firefight mode (like reach but with gears of war 3 horde mode aspects)

things others would like to see:

  • resurrection of the forerunners
  • VR/AR functionality
  • New weapon types (I.e. Crossbow, etc)
  • return of some older weapons (Needle Rifle, etc)
  • Custom games matchmaking
  • More detailed armor customization
  • Playabled Elites

Let Halo 5 come out and everyone play for a while before we already start dreaming up wishlist

VR interface or with Hololense

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> VR interface or with Hololense

Drools, yes, please.

A weapon that looks like a bow with arrows for the forerunners or maybe even a crossbow.

> 2533274888534998;5:
> A weapon that looks like a bow with arrows for the forerunners or maybe even a crossbow.

So you want a torque bow

Omg I’m unprepared for these threads to start lol. I want it to have guns in it lol that’s all my brain can squeak out.

I like Halo 3 style equipment and dual wielding so I’ll bump that. I would like split screen but I’m not going to start ranting now so I’m going to say… Falcons or hornets.

To add, I would also like to see new weapon types as well. And more customization options for Spartans like the H3 katana or HR armor effects (fire helmet,etc). And hopefully the can optimize this engine enough to add in split-screen as well.

Split screen
The return of the grenade launcher
return of the needle rifle
Custom games matchmaking (Host/Join type options)

Playable Sangheili (modeled similarly to the Reach Elites)
Visual distinction between the two Sangheili clans (Jul’s vs. Thel’s)
More detailed customization or Spartans/Elites
Needle Rifle
Less Spartan Abilities (keep climb, slide, and sprint)
Removal of Smart Scope (not every weapon needs a zoom)
Removal of Micro-transactions
Have enough time to implement classic ideas > 60 fps (30 fps will do just fine)

You know what. Just give me a working remastered Halo: Reach instead of Halo 6 and I’ll be happy.

I agree with smart scope to a degree. I think that they should keep the new animation, but when you fired it you would descope on auto rifles. Would keep it feeling new but keep it in line with older Halo’s. But I will disagree wholeheartedly with not having 60 fps. You can tell a big difference between the 2.

Wow ok. Games not even out yet and we already have this thread :smiley:

Really man? Come on! H5 is going to be on oct 27 we are at jul 20 and you are already thinking on H6?!
And those things you ask for i don’t see it so viable… Dual wielding it’s not on balance with the gameplay as you saw on Halo 2,3
Warzone is the new Invasion/firefight
But just relax and enjoy the new Halo 5 that it’s not out yet!

I know it is early, but I started this with the hope that some of it may be implemented into H5. And I think that duel wielding is easier to balance than we think.


Everything else is just icing on what should be quite a delicious cake. A cake I want to share!

I will throw in Halo 4/Reach style armor customization while we’re at it though.

The magnificent and glorious death of the Master Chief at the hands of the main antagonist.

Chief can’t die…only go missing in action

The resurrection of the forerunner race

That would be cool. Could continue the Halo story for a while at least.