Halo 6 What We'd like to see

I am just wondering what The community (us) would want to see in halo 6 ?

Idgaf, it’s gonna be good no matter what as long as it ain’t as -Yoink- as H5. I prefer the classic gameplay so if they went back to that I would be happy. Also have the campaign be more action packed like H2 with the perfect balance of badassery and simple and effective story telling.

In my opinion I was disappointed in Halo5 campaign
im a full out Masterchief fan
mostly playing as Locke upset me
and I would want to play as arbiter once again

we are looking forward to Halo 6 in the next 2 years!!!

Well to be honest I’m not very pumped for the campaign because I don’t like fighting the prometheans and I don’t like where the story is going.
As far as multiplayer (aka where you spend all your time anyways) my dream is for them to add forgable AI and u can make your own firefight maps or even small campaign missions. I’m not sure if this is even possible but it would be really cool.

Id also like to see more of a focus on BTB and less of warzone because I can stand the way you can just spawn using the req cards. I rly don’t even like the req system as a whole.

The last thing I’d like to see is customization as deep as Reaches. I don’t see why a 7 year old game has better customization than any game we have now.

Well since i buy halo games for the multiplayer i dont want to see halo 6 launch with 2 or 3 playlists. Reticle lag is the biggest thing for me really.

More Warzone and more Req’s. FTW!!!

Halo 6 is 2018 or 19 bound?

A much better ranking system

My Recruit Charred armor

Loved it in the beta love it now

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> Halo 6 is 2018 or 19 bound?

We don’t know,I would say 2018.

To be honest I liked the “collect them all” kind of REQ zone approach and it motivates me to play more as I am getting closer to my end objective of collecting every REQ card, both permanent and one use. I am hoping they have something at least somewhat similar to this in Halo 6, I also enjoy the really difficult leveling system as once again it motivates me to reach SR 152.

The complete removal of abilities would be a great start to making H6 hold my interest.

would also appreciate them actually working on maps or giving the community even more tools to make them if 343 are to lazy to do it themselves.

a decent story

What I would like:
•Armor Abilities return in HALO 3 Equipment form

•More/different promeathians unit and vehicles to fight (Make it fun, 343I)

•HALO: REACH style customizations that are earned via credit system (seperate from REQ)

•Better REQ

•RETURN TO THE MILITARY ROOTS THAT BUNGIE’S HALO HAD! (Most people could care less about secret organizations like ONI.)


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