Halo 6: What we know so far

Halo 5: Guardians has become a widely intriguing and debatable game this year indeed. Many aspects of the game have highly improved since it’s prequal, giving that original “Halo” feeling, making the game an even more enjoyable experience.

However, there were many obvious sacrifices which 343 need to answer for. They justify any loss of enjoyment for the sole purpose of maintaining 60 frames-per-second. An easy excuse.

(I recommend reading some highly critical articles on such issues, such as why the campaign barely involved #HuntTheTruth, Or why only the campaign was on disc but the multiplayer had to be downloaded seperately costing 9GB, plenty more etc).

Still, Halo 5 is admirable, and with the story taking a massive twist towards some conclusion in the next game, it’s fair to determine what will be featured as suggested by Halo 5: Guardians.

1: Guardians will be in Halo 6

Halo 5: Guardians was a mixed storyline, featuring temporary rivalry between Locke and Chief, whilst obtaining Guardians for multiple purposes. The true extent of power of the Guardians is enormous, capable of enormous destruction. I’m proud to confirm that Guardians will be in Halo 6, having Halo 5 as a foundation for the next plot. It’s possible the objective of the entire game will be focusing on how stop them as suggested by Thomas Lasky when he said “until we find a way how”.

2: Prometheans will be in Halo 6

Undoubtadly the latest adversary will return in the next tital. Having the covenent aliens defeated for a third time leaves little reason to involve the Covenent faction in Halo 6 although 343 will either exclude their purpose in the game again or hopefully give them a reason to be in the game.

3: Halo ring will be in Halo 6

No Halo ring in Halo 5 Guardians was extremely disappointing, until the last cutscene. I always imagined a guardian(s) secretly hidden away on at least one of them, absent from the activation processes as it remains intact from chaos.

A new Halo will likely be found by the UNSC Infinite after retreating from a guardian via slip-space. It’s also quite possible that this Halo may have a galactic EMP capable of disrupting even Forerunner technology. It’s significance in the game is not clear, but hopefully, a at least a third of the game is played on this new Halo. However…

4: Locke and Chief will be in Halo 6

Locke doesn’t have any motivations. But he soon may: to save humanity. Whether or not Locke is playable, it’s undoubtable the Master Chief will be playable. However, they returned to Sengellios from Genysis. How they get to the new Halo will be unclear.

5: Arbiter will fight alongside humans in Halo 6

Arbiters return was awesome in Halo 5. Sengellios may also be featured but his extent in the game is unclear. It’s quite possible he will die in the game fighting to save humans. Arbiter isn’t going to just be forgotten.

6: Cortana will be the antoganist in Halo 6

Halo 5 has already set the foundation for Halo 6. Warden Eternal was awesome to fight so it’s unclear if there’s some greater threat than Cortana or a powerful rival to her. Her “cured” rampancy has reached beyond hope.

7: A great mystery half solved.

Depending on 343’s tactfulness, either the Halo in Halo 6 will reveal more answers to puzzles, or arise new questions to the Forerunners Origins.

8: Another forerunner planetoid

It was quite confusing for me to see the events in the Halo 5 trailers not in the actual game. This tells me it’s potential propaganda for the next Halo game, as the original 2013 tease trailer revealed a different environment then seen in Halo 5. Possibly abandoning the Halo 5 multiplayer system altogether and using a new system, this may a more singular campaign story as Cheif alone recalls his experiences on Halo.

9: Plot twists

343 said Halo 6 will be a dark game, possibly leaning towards more mystery and doom. Strange things can even happen. The flood may appear, or not. Arbiter could betray humans too? 343 doesn’t like making things easy to understand so they will complicate
the story. Hopefully not, hopefully they make it 10x more Halo

There are many questions. Please share your thoughts

Have some thougths on the first trailer, where chief walks in the desert and finds a guardian. and he got the broken visor from the fight with locke in halo 5. so what if this was a trailer for halo 6? what if chief wants to go out and find Cortana, then a guardian would be the fastest way to find her. or maybe when they made the trailer to the game had a longer story, that the game would go further than it did. And they shortened it down so they could make a better story and more questions. but I think we just got to wait some years to find out what they are planning.

When did 343 say Halo 6 will be a dark game? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for that, but I never read about that.

I don’t want Cortana to be the antagonist :’(

I can’t believe that 343 took the twist of making Cortana the antagonist in the campaign. It is interesting to say the least.

i knew she would be back seeing how the Promethean’s can turn things into data but hell i would never expected this to happen