Halo 6 What NEEDS to be fixed to be worth the buy?

I’m guessing we will be seeing some more info about halo 6 this year (probably a bit after halo wars 2 releases) what is most important for them to fix to consider buying Halo 6?

for me, if they add some more variations to warzone and a longer campaign i will buy it. but the campaign needs to be as long as the older games like CE and 2 and for warzone id like to see things like invasion get redone as well as adding scarab/elephant/mammoth battles (massive vehicles) it would also be pretty awesome if they added a space map for multiplayer that had zero-gravity sections or like an anchor - 9 type of thing with space battles cuz space…

Halo 6 will more than likely be worth the buy, but here are some of the things I’d like to see.


  • Receive at minimum 2-player local co-op capability (at least for offline play). - Allow the story to progress forward in an easily understandable way from the previous game without needing to absorb material outside of the game in order to understand what’s taking place within the game. - Continue expanding on the cooperative ensembled cast (Blue Team and Team Osiris) both in terms of the gameplay as well as the character development within the story. - It’d be interesting if the Oculus Rift could become a wonderful accessory for immersion within the campaign’s story. - Campaign score mode included at release.Multiplayer:

  • Build on the awesome foundation laid forth by Halo 5. Keep the Spartan abilities pretty much as they are, but take Arena, Warzone, and the Custom Browser to the next level. (many more detailed ideas here)Forge:

  • Continue improving Forge from where it’s gotten too in Halo 5.Character Customization:

  • I would like to see it taken back to individual parts.Overall:

  • Really want to see the game released with most of the product close to its final state so that all the support that follows isn’t about adding things that should have been included to begin with, but to improve the existing stuff and to add truly new content and ideas not thought of before.