Halo 6 way of costumasation.( my idea)

I guess we all know that halo 5 idea to coustomise your spartans was…underwealming, even for halo 3 standarts.

So we need a new system for the next game, or at least an old one, or better 2 of them. A mix of reach and halo 4 way of spartans editing.

In halo reach you had a ton aof things and ways to let your spartan apear to others, but in fact you only adjust your mark 5 suite.
In halo 4 you had a ton of different armours. These created they more individual designs.

I would love to see a combination of these 2 ways which the games had.
I hope i can explaine this right:

You would have in halo 6 the options for the following:

  • Helm - Chest - Hip - Shoulder R - Shoulder L - LegsHere you can choose from which armour you would like to choose what you want and mix diffferent armours. This is pretty much halo 4 way to do it, but now with reach way into it. If 343 could give every category 2 slots of aditional upgrades.
    Example: EVA helm- 1slot: Radar reciver 2slot: damage( the helm gets viseable damage like scars, cracks etc)

We can earn the armours through a credit system, every spartans has to work for his equipment what he would like to wear. Aditional things for the subslots can be achieved by sertin chalnges: The damaged look you can earn by killing 50 enemys while near death. Or a knife for the shoulder/chest for 500 assasinations.

i hope this will make it into halo 6 or at least into the head of 343 employee. Thx for reading and sorry if there are sill grammar mistakes left.

There’s some good ideas there. I’d love anything that adds more customization to your Spartan. The more ways to make it your own the better.
Nothing worse than fitting your guy out with your cool new armor set just to get matched with someone with the same setup!

sounds like somthing i could get behind.

In halo 5 we have 87 armours and the helmets to them, and 59 visors. which leads to a total number of 446.571 total combinations(reskins not included)
When we lock at halo reach we can get with helm, helm attatchment, shouldeeer L&R chest,knee guards,wrist utility visor a total amount of 22.888.800 armour combinations.

I hope the formula for the maxium amount of posibilitys was to multplay the total amount of options per section with the left ones.

Halo5: amourhelmvisor=amount
Reach: helm/attachmentsholderLshoulderRchestwristkneesvisors=amount

That’s a pretty cool idea, but they would really have to cut down the amount of options, especially with the 250+ amount of armour and helmet pieces.

> 2535472449092108;5:
> That’s a pretty cool idea, but they would really have to cut down the amount of options, especially with the 250+ amount of armour and helmet pieces

There 87 armours with helmets. I did not cont in the reskins from halo 5 but hany of those do you even like, of find at least ok. How many do you dislike? most of the new one like gobiln or seaker…urag…

I like it.

fine can we get that now to frank o conner or bonnie ross or who ever is in charge of these things?