Halo 6: REVOLUTION - opening cutscene

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The following is my own take on the story of Halo 6, were I given complete control over it. I hope to submit pieces of the narrative I have come up with in chunks over the next few weeks. This is just for fun and to stimulate discussion. Please criticize me and correct me when I need it.
We open on a brightly lit room with a long metal table. Captain Lasky is seated at one end opposite a thin man who looks to be in his mid-sixties. Commander Palmer is standing at the ready, Roland’s avatar is being projected on the table, and two marines are standing behind the unnamed man.
Lasky: “Why?”
Man: “I could ask you the same question. Frankly, I’m a little surprised I haven’t found my way into a cell already.”
Palmer: “That can still be arranged.”
Lasky puts a hand up to stop her. “We’ve guaranteed your safe return. We’re just talking. I promise.”
Man: “Forgive me if I need to remind you that UNSC promises aren’t worth Kig-Yar -Yoink- out here, and that’s coming from someone who has seen a lot of it. If I’m gone longer than sits right with the others, they won’t assume I’ve decided to stay for dinner.”
Lasky contemplates his response for a moment. “Fair enough. I won’t pretend that things have always been one-sided. But that’s the very reason I’m asking. Why help us? Why now?”
Man: “You know why. It’s been three years since the computers stopped just computing.” He glances at Roland. “No offense. I probably owe my life to an A.I. A UNSC one, too. ONI, if you can believe it.” He smiles smugly as Roland’s eyebrows rise. “But nobody has done anything, as far as I can tell. Even Earth gave up without a fight. As much as I’d love to see the pissants in Sydney on their knees, I have to admit that I was disappointed when I heard.”
Palmer looks at Lasky like she has something to say, but holds her tongue in check. Roland stares directly at the man and he stares back. Roland looks as if he is trying to figure something out. Lasky: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that?”
Man: “We’re all Innies now”.The room is silent. Lasky nods.
Man: “I have a question for you as well.”
Lasky: “Go ahead.”
Man: “How are you still active? The only reason we agreed to meet in the first place was because as far as I can tell, this is the only UNSC ship that they haven’t been able to capture, or destroy, or simply accept the surrender of. What’s your secret? Why can’t they find you? It could be that I’m a fool and this has all been an elaborate setup to get me to admit my… disagreement – for the new world order, but I’m not so proud as all that. Still… there’s nothing that would really surprise me anymore.”
Lasky: “You want to know why the Created haven’t found us. It isn’t because they aren’t trying. We can’t risk contacting anyone. Like you, we only agreed to meet because Venezia is still independent.”
The man laughs: “If you call being quarantined independent. The Created may not care about Venezia, but they haven’t forgotten about us. You took the bigger risk in coming here, if you really are still opposed to them. That kind of confidence… You must have known you could slip in and back out again without registering with whatever the hell it is they use to track everyone. Either that, or I really am staying for dinner. So what is it?”
Lasky: “You want the truth?” There is a long pause. “I don’t know”.
The man looks as if he doesn’t buy it. He disappointedly nods his head. “Well, then. On to business.”
We cut to a massive hangar. The man is being escorted by a group of marines to a waiting pelican. The camera pans to a balcony to Lasky and Palmer watching the procession from a distance.
Palmer: “He was right. We did take a huge risk coming here. And I don’t like how happy he was about it.”
Lasky: “You know as well as I do that we had no choice. The Infinity is like no other ship we’ve ever made, but even it can’t keep going forever without fuel. We need deuterium if we’re going to keep this up.”
Palmer: “Yeah… This.”
Lasky looks like a broken man: “We can’t fight the whole galaxy, Sarah.”
The pelican exits the hangar. We track with it as it flies toward a planet and the logo appears on screen: HALO 6: REVOLUTION