HALO 6 PLOT Theories/Ideas - for YouTube Video

What do you guys think will happen in Halo 6? Any ideas you may have about what will occur, the characters that will be explored or even locations that will be visited!

This will be a video coming to my YouTube Channel: AddictHalo13 - soon! Please subscribe and I will definitely credit you if I like your idea!

I’ll get us started off!
I think Halo 6 will mostly take place on the Ark - and Master Chief looking for Mendicant Bias to cure and aid in the retrieval of a normal Cortana back to Chief.

Please share your ideas below!


I’m currently working on my own version of Halo 6, I did the same for Halo 5 afeter Halo 4 came out, so I’ll throw you a few ideas I’m having.

Both teams will be involved in taking out a guardian that arrives at Sanghelios, Cortana is bound to send one there.
I think Blue team will likely travel to the Composer’s Forge to speak with the composed Didact to gain knowledge on how to defeat the guardians and Cortana.
I think at some point we will end up fighting on or around the Halo ring, I think Cortana won’t nesseserily fire it, but use it to blackmail everyone in to a forced peace.
I’m also expecting John to personaly kill Cortana.

I think that Cortana is not doing this of her own free will and that she was humming similar to how 343 guilty spark did in the original trilogy

Cortana will follow the route of Mendicant Bias and join the Flood. John will follow the route of IsoDidact. The flood will be on the verge of winning the war, and John will be forced to activate the rings. That’s what I wanna see 343, make it happen.

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Halo 5 was all John’s fever dream after losing Cortana and while on the run from ONI. Halo 6 picks up the Absolute Record Arc and can even bring back Zombie Cortana but this time does it while connecting it to the previous two years of narrative development.