Halo 6 Multiplayer essentials and ideas for 343 :)

Arena : 1. Classic slayer multiplayer style with no sprint or abilities.
2. Modern slayer like H5.
3. Game modes such as infection, oddball etc on day one.
4. No Map remixes!
5. More classic weapons implemented from last games.
6. More diverse and a wide range of maps inspired both from new halo maps and old ones.

Warzone : 1. Random enemy spawn locations, for a different feel each game.
2. Larger and more open maps along with classic ones for different vehicle combat situations
3. More vehicles and bigger ones
4. Scarab vs mammoth battle!
5. More enemy types and themes with covenant, human, forerunner and flood maps?

Art style : 1. Classic halo maps where areas feel real and open.
2. Classic armour style, modern ones look ugly! ew!
3. Classic forerunner structures please.
4. See that classic pattern there, yehhhh. Modern too unreal.

Firefight : 1. Nice and Classic please with a few changes of your own.

Forge : 1. Bigger, Bigger, Bigger!
2. AI?
3. More of everything.

Other : 1. Split screen
2. Multiplayer hub?
3. Playable Eletes and Brutes? More?
4. Flood survival mode where the flood spreads?

Any other ideas comment below and share your thoughts on these ones, cheers!

Hopefully some are in H5 Before H6.

How about a decent emblem and armor customization system instead of the garbage we got?

Agree on gametypes and I have been asking for a classic playlist since day one. I think it would make people complain less. I prefer the new armor but they should just add all the other armors from all the games. Can you explain further about these mammoth vs scarab battles? I feel like it can be a great idea, but can also be screwed up easily. I don’t see a big difference between the forerunner designs so I wouldn’t care if it changed. Possibly playable elites, but not brutes. The brutes aren’t enough like Spartans. I want to add more promethean enemy types and the old covenant, I.e. Buggers, skirmishers, brutes.

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How about being able to talk in your own lobby with people you invite and join?? Halo 5 killed communication. Whenever you play games by yourself, people on your team are always in a party. Most of the time you can never communicate with your own team because of this.
How about making it so you can see who you are playing against instead of guessing peoples emblems? That is retarded.
On another note, make maps more open. Halo 5 has turned into a camping game, especially swat. All you find are campers because there are so many spots to hide.
At the end of the game you should be able to see who the MVP was and the MVP medals. I miss seeing the end where it showed that I got an overkill or an extermination.
How about making it so you can go through the playlist and seeing peoples stats? Just like halo 3, you would be able to go to doubles and see people in your party’s rank and level.
You use to be able to check your friends profile and see who was in their party and what the score was if they were in a game. Just basic stats on your friends playing in game.
It is not just my opinion but I have asked many people, but most of the armor looks the SAME. In halo 3 you had distinctly different armor. It made people want to play the game and unlock the achievements to get that sick -Yoink- armor. Even though it wasn’t a lot of armor, they were very nice looking.
It seems like halo 5 just -Yoink- like 100 different armors out and they all look the same. Its very sad.
Just like in halo 3, it would be nice if you could play theater with your friends in your lobby so they can watch it with you.
I don’t know what the hell it is, but the aiming is different and seems off. I can’t put my finger on it, it’s just weird. Please fix it, halo 3 was the best one.
I’m sure there are more I have not mentioned. I will update if I think of anything else.

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> How about a decent emblem and armor customization system instead of the garbage we got?

Your prayers have been answered.