Halo 6 Mission Tips: Halo Campaigns Ranked

Just the Games:
Halo CE: I believed to have the strongest mission design, although it had a limited sandbox. With the exception of 343 Guilty Spark, Library, and Keyes, THE MISSION DESIGN IS BEAUTIFUL. Seriously if the following halos just followed this game as a template and just improved on the sandbox, i would have been fine with it. Now the story was solid but not the best in any way, but its the introduction so it gets some credit on being a great intro to the series. The feeling of this game feels long which is good in terms of length but at times the campaign can drag on, mostly because the bad missions are BAD like BAD BAD. Library drains me on replays and makes me want to quit playing the campaign. But if you take out those 3 bad missions its general feeling is great. If i had to give it a rating out of 10, i think a 9 would give it justice.
Halo 2: I Thought had weaker mission design, was VERY linear and not overly creative or diverse. However, the sandbox was an improvement from CE as should be three years later. The jump from CE to 2 in terms of sandbox was game changing… in a good way. If you took this standbox and put it in Halo CE mission Design BOOM perfect campaign from a gameplay perspective. There is no story in Halo… actually any game, that matches the story of Halo 2. Like seriously, Halo 2 story was so good that i couldn’t even tell the ending was rushed and honestly if the cliffhanger wasn’t there, this would literally be perfect. The overall feeling was not as slow as Halo CE, but Sacred Icon and Gravemind dragged the campaign on also. Now that i think about it, every halo game has that mission that drags the game behind… Kinda sucks. Out of 10… ill go with a 9 also. If the story wasn’t as good, it wouldn’t be close.
Halo 3: Solid Mission Design and the Best Sandbox in series. Not the best mission design but better that 2. Halo 3 had the best gameplay and mission design in my opinion, but i can see how CE can. The story was alright, i honestly thought the overall plot was good but i was slightly let down at the ending. So therefore this story was probably the worst, but not a bad one by any means. Just the least best i guess. Personally the actual game was the perfect combination of solid mission design and great sandbox. Out of 10 i’d go with a 9 as well but only because of the perfect sandbox.
3. Halo 2
2. Halo CE

  1. Halo 3
    Bottom of Pack - The Worst Missions
  2. Sacred Icon - I personally hate this mission. This mission seems to sneak past everyones attention because theres a way you can skip pretty much the whole mission with camo. But if you like to kill everything, THIS MISSION SUCKS!!! ENDLESS FLOOD and no context from a story standpoint at all. The entire purpose of the mission is to lower a shield. You fight sentinals, enforcers, and endless combat forms.
  3. The library - Everyone probably is shocked this isn’t my worst. Only thing holding this mission up is that it at least has SOME context and story importance. But this mission is literally copy and paste hallways on a 4 floor elevator. Worst mission design in series easily.
  4. Cortana - Annoying to complete. With the gravemind constantly slowing you down, and cortana just crying the whole time makes this mission a blur. and honetly ruins the ending to the game. However, this mission has great importance in the series from a story standpoint, so it’ll be above library.
  5. High Charity - Same as Cortana just without the annoying gravemind and cortana dialogue. BUT this mission was very dark and difficult to see in. Like actually silly how it can seem pitch black at times. This mission also was held up by its importance for future Halo Story. Still more of a chore to complete.
    Meh missions - just missions that make you say " Meh ".
  6. Pillar of Autumn - intro to Halo series so it has an excuse. First halo mission ever.
  7. Cairo Station - intro to Halo 2. Only memorable because of the epic scene at the end.
  8. Floodgate - the storm just backwards… with endless flood and pointless shooting. Thank God this mission was short.
  9. Keyes - Just the Truth and Reconciliation with flood and an important story sequence. But was very repetitive… very repetitive.
    The Middle of Pack - the " OK " mission.
  10. 343 Guilty Spark - Horrible mission design… HORRIBLE. However, the story and importance of the mission holds it to this point. This is where we discover the flood and find 343 guilty spark. Shame it was boring to play.
  11. Oracle - Same issue as above. Bad mission design, but great story and context, just slightly better because it had less repetitive rooms. Also mediocre boss fight.
  12. Sierra 117 - Boring Mission but understandable because its the first mission. But much better than the other " first missions ".
  13. Crows Nest - Same issue as above but with slightly more diversity and more context.
    The Good Missions
  14. The Arbiter - the first mission in Halo 2 that truly encouraged stealth and did it well. I found this mission to be a blast on co-op, but mostly solo because it makes stealth easier lol. Story was alright though.
  15. Halo from Halo CE - Cool idea but poorly executed. Honestly i thought it was a great mission to play once, but i found it to be kinda repetitive. But a fun mission overall. Good story, with first discovery of Halo Rings.
  16. Regret - Kill Regret. Mission had great plot and idea. Just once again displayed poor execution. Had a great idea to kill Regret in game, but made the boss fight lame.
    but very fun overall mission.
  17. Gravemind - actually is a bad mission… only its this high is because of the fantastic story. Inside the civil war between elites and brutes great story.
  18. Uprising - good mission just with little context
  19. Outskirts - good mission with a little more context
  20. Halo from Halo 3 - Meh mission with Incredible ending and great story
  21. The Maw from Halo CE - Same as above with an even better ending and a better story
  22. Delta Halo - linear but very fun mission with a decent story.
    THE GREATS!!! Best of the Best
  23. The Storm - Fight scarab first and destroy the aa guns. Fun mission with good story points
  24. Metropolis - Fight scarab and escape with the covenant ship. Greater story than storm but weaker scarab fight.
  25. Tsavo Highway - Great warthog mission and slightly linear. But very fun mission with important story points.
  26. Truth and Reconciliation - Slightly repetitive but great sniper parts and great story.
  27. Great Journey - Has every part of Halo sandbox in one mission with VERY important story points.
  28. Assault on the Control Room - Also has every part of Halo Sandbox. With more Story and more action.
  29. Silent Cartographer - Would be higher up but doesn’t include all of sandbox, however this mission is completely open world. Great MISSION!!!
  30. Quarantine Zone - BY FAR THE MOST Underrated MISSION IN ALL OF HALO. Great Story, Great Mission design, Great music, and great environment.
  31. The Ark - Great vehicular moments and great scarab fight. Some of the best moments in Halo
  32. Two Betrayals - Better than the first time we go through this area. This mission also features the flood and great banshee sequences. Very important from a story standpoint.
  33. The Covenant - Obviously #1. Demonstrates everything that makes halo campaigns great. Best mission design, Best sandbox moments ( hornet and Indoor moments ). Story was great also with the Truth being killed by Arby. A perfect mission.