Halo 6: Infinity War

I’m so Excited for Halo 6 We’re going to have Guardians, Flood, Prometheans, 4% of Covenants left joining Cortana, The Banished, Infinity, Spirit of Fire, its going to be awesome it’s sounds so cool it should be Multi Campaigns meaning It should be like resident evil 6 how they had multiple campaigns for 4 different characters for example

  • Master Chief Edition - We will have Blue Team on our side and their roll is to fight their way through Prometheans, Flood and the Guardians to get to Cortana and stop her while also crossing paths of the other campaigns and all meet up with the campaign editions at the end, (this campaign will be longer then the others.) - Jameson Locke Edition - this edition We will have Fireteam Osiris with on our side and their roll is to help Infinity survive against the Banished and the Prometheans encountering few Guardians crossing paths with Spirit of Fire at times and swords of Sanghellios and near ending metting up with master chief again, - Spartan Jerome Edition - For the first timein halo history we play as Jerome in Fps mode in his own campaign with Red Team on our side doing task for the Spirit of Fire encountering the Banished And the Flood escorting Isabel to Isabel to Cortana were all 4 campaigns meet up at the end. - Arbiter Edition - we get to play Arbiter again, we will have the swords of sanghelios on our side (he will most of the time be with out fireteam members and just be solo) bring back the ship master from halo 2 and 3 and bring back the 2 of the halo 3 coop elites their roll (arbiter and the elites) is to focus their intention only on the Banished having Colony, Vordius, Pavium, Shipmaster (banished), YapYap, as the boss fights like from halo 2, also encountering the flood and prometheans one time, how ever arbiter will only ecounter master chief 3 times, Jerome twice, and locke once, how ever while the other 3 editions have final fight with Cortana arbiters edition will end on their second to last missions ending arbiters campaign with Atriox as his final boss and you won’t believe how its going to turn out in the end (if they kill off Arbiter it should be a tie fight with Atriox)tell me guys what are your opinions on this idea?

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I actually really love this idea. However I don’t see H6 going this route because 343 has said it will be more chief focused.

I think these are fantastic spin off ideas however

There are quite a few wishlist threads in General discussion you can look through and add your thought about what Halo 6 should be to.