Halo 6 fixing the Halo 5 flaws

Level design:
In my opinion, Halo 2 had the best level design in the entire franchise (not to open like CE and not to straightforward like H4), but the level design in Halo 5 had an awesome concept, hidden passeges. With the level designs of H2 and H5 mixed together it will be the best level design.

Graphics and FPS:
Graphics are not everything I know but this will help out a bit. In 60fps the farther a moving object the fps lowers on animations, some pop-ins here and there and here’s a simple fix, make a small tweek to the engine so nothing bad happens in 30fpa,the campaing will be in 30fps (since the cutscenes in H5 are in 30 and gameplay at 60) and multiplayer will be in 60fps, keep dynamic resolution, and with this there will be better textures and animations and with the help of DX12 magic will occur.

Here’s the big hitter! I like the story, was I slightly disappointed? Maybe, but there are ways that Halo 6 can fix this here are some. Get a writer that can write an epic, mysterious, dramatic, and dark story, use all the elements that were in the Halo 5 trailers, use the stuff that happened in Halo 4 and 5 and we will get the story that Halo 5 should’ve been but keeping in mind that this is Halo 6 and not Halo 5.2. It was announced that Halo 6 will be the end of Master Chief’s story, but give us some Locke missions here and there and leav the squad mechanic out of Halo 6 and make it unique to Halo 5 only and let be Lock and Chief and the tension that we saw a a hint of in the game and the trailers so it will be a focused campaign. Use the E3 2013 teaser traler to the maxim advantage for Halo 6, use the Halo Ring to the maximum advantage too. All of will this will tied with a nice bow that marks the end of a long standing legacy. PERFECTION RIGHT THERE! Also, don’t overhype it and don’t let Microsoft get involved in the marketing and be 95.999999% honest to us.

I’ll keep this short, don’t overuse the lore in one game, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the lore (Halo Reach, only elites is the species that helps you in H3). Just find a balance that works for everybody.

That’s all for to today but before I finish here are a few minor things: Delay the game if you have to, release the major stuff at launch (playlist, gamemodes, etc), and listen carefully to the fans.

Thank you and happy gaming!

H2 had the best designs because of the mission where you could find IWHBYD, you could glitch out and run around on the rooftops and blast yourself everywhere.

Story wise for Halo 5 does not make sense. There is nothing explaining the gap between halo 4/spartan ops and 5. There was a gap in Halo CE and Halo 2, but at least that was thoroughly explained by a novel I believe. Halo escalation does not tell why Halsey and Jul’Mdama end up at where they were. And it would be nice to see the rebirth of Cortana, as in her entering the domain. How it looked when she entered this “portal”. And her rampancy being cured.