Halo 6 discussion

My Top 6 expectations from 343 for halo 6

  1. I want Gravemind to brutally take Spartan Locke into his absorbent body as he is yelling at chief for help. i want chief to leave the place even though he knew he could’ve saved Locke. That would be badass from him to just walk away as Locke screams for help miserably.
  2. I want a simultaneous blowup of the rest of the Guardians and Chief trying to survive after nuclear fallout (sandbox hint/idea).
  3. I want fireteam Osiris to die in the nuclear fallout and Master Chief to own “The Last Spartan” (probably a popular cliche)
  4. I want Chief to go back into the spartan creation/building facilities and have a sad moment seeing them in ruins. (it would be cool to see chief show feelings).
  5. I want Cortana to take the form of forerunner watchers, moving between dead ones. i think it would be cool for her to move between different forerunner bodies as she’s traveling with chief, so we see how she adapts.
  6. I want chief to go around high charity just as a tourist going around a beautiful city.
    Too bad i expect too much from a company like 343. expecting OG style halo 6 would be too much to ask from them already

None of what you’re asking for is “Halo” but to each their own.

Feel free to use the wishlist threads.