Halo 6 discussion

So with Halo 6 in production, I had some ideas of what Halo 6 needs in order to be a better game upon release. If you took all of the best elements of the previous Halo games (Split screen included) and put them into Halo 6, you have…:

  1. Halo’s classic art style from Halo CE, 2, 3, and Reach
  2. Halo Reach’s player customization (only add more spartan armor and have customize-able armor for the elites like they did for the Spartans in Reach where your able to change the helmet, shoulders, chest piece, etc.)
  3. Halo 5’s Forge mode
  4. Halo Reach’s Firefight (Halo Reach’s Firefight is just more enjoyable than Halo 5’s version.)
  5. A campaign similar to Halo 2’s, where it switches between the Chief and the Arbiter (More of a 60/40 split so its more focused on the Chief than the Arbiter but you still get to play as the arbiter for a decent amount of time, unlike what Halo 5 did with Chief and Locke)
  6. Halo 5’s free DLC system
  7. Halo Reach’s cR system where your able to earn credits and use the credits to get the armor you want. Also more challenges/commendation in order to earn credits faster (So, no req packs are required to get the armor you want)
  8. A mission similar to Halo 4’s flyable Pelican mission “Shutdown” or Halo Reach’s Sabre mission “Long night of Solace”
  9. Halo 3’s Brute arsenal (Chopper, Prowler, Brute shot, Mauler, Gravity Hammer, etc.)
  10. A challenging campaign like Halo 3’s or CE’s campaign (Not too challenging like Halo 2, but not too easy like Halo 5)
  11. Last but not least, an epic race to the end of the campaign, like Halo: CE’s or Halo 3’s Warthog run

If there’s that’s missing from this list, let me know.

There’s plenty of existing discussion threads you can use. :slight_smile: