Halo 6 Discussion: Story/Mutliplayer/General

Halo 6: What can we expect and what do we want?
Is it time that we stop playing as John 117?

  • With Halo 5 being focusing more on you playing as Fireteam Osiris I believe that 343 is moving away from going through the campaign from John’s perspective and going through his story through cinematics and backgrounds. Is this a good or bad idea? Personally I like playing as John and with the new Cortana story arc it would be a lot more personal to go through the campaign as him. - Keep the identity of Chief a secret. Never reveal his face. That teaser in Halo 4 gave me goosebumps but that’s already too much. Nothing they put under that helmet will live up to the hype. WE DO NOT NEED IT. - We need a story that will break halo records. A true story. With at least 3 acts and I’m talking a minimum of 10 hours of complete story. I think I speak for all when I say we are tired of these 4 to 5 hour games that don’t give the 3 years it takes to develop any justice. We need a true campaign. One where you think “oh wow this is the end” and BAM!! Something happens and you’re starting all over again. - LEAD UPS!!! I CANNOT stress this enough. We do not need what we got with halo 5. A whole lead up to the story that did not even truly follow it. 343 if you need more time then by all means TAKE IT! We do not need another Halo 5 story catastrophe that was the lead up to 5. - SPLITSCREEN (duh)Halo 6 Multiplayer:

  • We need to keep the current movement system. Any change or alteration would be a step back. It is fluid and feels like a spartan would be capable of and continues with the story. Additions could be welcome seeing as how chief got his helmet cracked and could be in for a new set of armor that keeps with the tradition of the Spartan IIs and doesn’t get too flashy like the Spartan IVs have - Where did Spartan pick ups go? The addition of such things like the bubble shield, energy drain, solar flare, and health cloud brought a whole new style of gameplay to halo that we hadn’t seen before. With the current movement system and the addition of these pickups the game could feel a lot more fun and bring back those that we lost in the Bungie/343 transition. - WARZONE BUT BIGGER!!! Warzone was a great addition for those who like both PvP and PvE gameplay. But let’s go a step bigger! Bigger maps, higher player count, more vehicles and power drops. Let us fly teammates in on pelicans rather than have a cutscene do it. I wanna drop a MAC barrage on a base that is too heavily occupied by players or AI. We need to think big! Adding things into warzone that can make it a real battle would be amazing. A warzone style that made Covenant and UNSC fight against each other with Spartans taking out Covenant bosses and Elites taking out UNSC bosses would be AWESOME! - Playable Elites? Yes. Bringing that back would be awesome! There is a whole balancing issue when it comes to that. Making Elites and Spartans the same size could fix that with some issues with cannon but players would appreciate the customization. - REQs. The REQ pack system introduced in Halo 5 was a good idea. It allowed for free DLC and kept the Halo community together. However, we also need stuff we can strive for in ranking up. Give us armor only unlockable through progression too. I hardly ever used the XP boosts because it was much more rewarding to get more REG points than XP. We need more customization. Halo 5 was good but give us the ability to change our left and right shoulders and legs separately from the chest. Also things like flaming helmets could be a good addition back to Halo. Progression needs to mean something too so we need a good balance between what we can get through REQs AND progression.There are so many more ideas we as a community can come up with! These are just mine. I encourage anyone to comment their ideas or call mine stupid and tell me I have no right to give this ideas haha. Halo can and should be shaped by the gamers. We all have a voice! I’ve been playing since my friend introduced me to Halo 2 and I became addicted and had to play Halo CE immediately. I am an excited Halo fan. I have read pretty much everything that has ever come out related to Halo. I want the next game to blow everyone out of the water. Please feel free to leave comments and discussion on what you want to see in Halo 6 and even beyond! Olly olly oxen free!( That addition in Halo 5 gave me shivers man!!!)

Making the story the same one they are advertising and marketing would be a good start.

Disagree with movement systems , and req packs (but I guess I am wrong because you say so). Spartan equipment became Armor abilities which became Spartan abilities. Personally don’t like any of them.
Every thing else I agree with or have no problem with them as options in a larger game. (Don’t care for War Zone for example , but it doesn’t effect me by being included , unless it supersedes actual Fire Fight from being included).

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I’m just saying it would be a step back if they removed the spartan abilities. If there is a whole lot of demand for removal then (which I can’t seem to find in the community) maybe add a playlist for that group where it takes it back to the movement system in H3. REQs had their issues too. I’m not saying they were a flawless system but because it allowed free DLC and support to go on post release was good for the game and community and should be repeated in some form.