Halo 6 Custom Games (343 PLEASE READ)

Custom Games is an amazing addition to the Halo games. They give us many opportunities that potentially make more people attracted to Halo (Especially friends of the big fans of halo). With Halo 5’s Forge, it gave the community even more opportunities. HOWEVER, over the course of the many Halo games, features were added and removed. Halo Reach, Halo 4 and Halo 2 Anniversary (Only having three compared to the normal five) had Loadouts, and in custom games gave us many options to expand on. I believe Halo 6 should have Loadouts as an option to turn them on and off, and make some Loadouts Team Specific. If 343 doesn’t like the idea of Loadouts in online Multiplayer, then at least bring back to Custom Games exclusively. Loadouts mixed with Halo 6’s Forge (Assuming it is expanded on and better or just like Halo 5’s Forge), would make almost unlimited possibility for the Halo Community to create. But one thing that would make the Loadouts better in Custom Games is to adjust the amount of people who can select a certain Loadout, again while also being able to make some Loadouts Team Specific. This would give us the ability to make teams where each member has a certain role or play style. Here are a couple of examples with my points for Loadouts: (I’m gonna use Halo 5 and it’s Req system for my examples)

  • You’re having a 4v4 in Custom Games. You want everyone to have the same starting Loadout, so you just disable the Loadouts for all players: easy peasy. - You make a map for a 3v3 Game mode. Both Teams have 3 Loadouts where each Loadout can only be picked once. One player has a AR and Magnum, player two has a Sniper and SMG, and player three has a Rocket and Railgun. No one can have the same Loadout as the other. - You make an infection game mode:
  • You start with 14 survivors, so 7 survivors can pick a Shotgun and Magnum, 4 can pick an Assault Rifle, and the last three players can pick a Halo CE Magnum - For the Infected Team, with the last man Standing you have it where eight have a standard Energy Sword, four have a Ravening Sliver, and the last two can have a Vorpal Talon. - You have a game mode where one team is weak but has 12 players (Blue Team) who are running across a field to take out the other team has four players (Red Team) in a bunker/tower and are a little bit stronger than normal. Blue Team members all have storm rifles. Red Team can have four loadouts were two players can have an Assault Rifle and Magnum, and the two have DMR’s and SMG’s.These are the situations where Loadouts will be amazingly helpful for our custom game modes. Loadouts will change custom games for the better and make Halo even more fun. PLEASE take these suggestions into consideration. This will make Customs Games in Halo 6 one of, if not the best Custom Games of all Halo’s.

Feel free to use the wishlist threads.