Halo 6 Custimization options

I have put some thought into this and I would like to see a mix of Halo Reach and Halo 4 armor customization now, before you get all mad hear me out.
Halo 4 by far (in opinion) had some of the best options, from Helmet to Gauntlets and Legs, now if Halo 4 Armor customization came back , I would like to see it mixed with Reach’s customization, this would work as adding a sub layer to the following, Gauntlets, legs, and Helmet. You can pick a designated attachment just like in Reach, even adding a wrist attachment, and leg attachment like in Reach.
Visor colors need to be reduced, to only a few such as, Red, black, white (silver), Blue, Green, Chief orange, yellow, Purple, more basic colors.
This is all my opinion, and I would think mixing the armor customization from the 2 games, would be a very good idea.
Tell me what you think, and give me your opinion on what you would like to see. I am open to discussion.

Feel free to toss this into one of the existing wishlist threads. :slight_smile: