Halo 6 Coop Players

When the flood return, I want cooperative mode to be unique to players in the last Halo game (perhaps Halo 6, by this point I assume the Ur-Didact has been assimilated into the flood) in the Reclaimer Saga. As I assume the only way to stop the flood is either with the halo rings or uniting the whole galaxy for sufficient numbers, the cooperative would be reminiscent of the major sentient races coming together.

Halo 6 Campaign Cooperative
Player 1 = Spartan-II - Human - Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 (representing humanity)
Player 2 = Arbiter - Elite - Kaidon Thel’Vadam (representing Sangheili)
Player 3 = Chieftain of the Jiralhanae - Brute - unnamed until Halo: Escalation is released… (representing Jiralhanae)
Player 4 = Didact - Forerunner - Iso-Didact Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting (representing Forerunner)

Each holds a high standing in his respective race, and would have slighty different voices, accents, heights, HUDS, weapons, etc. plus they could always be featured in cutscenes, as they are key characters.

Each could add more story depth via interactive dialogue. The four different companions should make references to each of their cultures… bickering, thanking, talking about history etc.

“Much has change since we held the Mantle, these primitives have rose to even a tier worth respecting.”~Iso-Didact to the Sangheili and Jiralhanae.

“RARR! It is your fault, the covenant are now weak, Arbiter.”~Chieftain to Arbiter.

“You act so differently to the Didact on Requiem… yet you possess traits identical to him as well”~Master Chief to the Iso-Didact.

Eventually they will stumble into a galactic wide peace and unity, ironically what the Precursor (now Flood) wanted from the Mantle of Responsibility.

Plus each would have a specific faction type weapon, in other words coming up against the flood each could have a unique close-quarters weapons…
Master Chief - shotgun
Arbiter - energy sword
Chieftain - gravity hammer
Didact - scatter shot/hard light blade

Each respective weapon fits into the following categories:

  • promethean (orange/red glow with forerunner metal)/forerunner (blue glow with forerunner metal)[triangular/pointed looking];
  • covenant (purple, red, yellow, green, blue) [curved/smooth looking]
  • human (black, whites) [standard clean box looking]
  • brute (greyish brown) [retro looking]