Halo 6 Campain ideas

So 343 I heard your listing to our feedback so I have an idea could we have Campain duel wielding. The reason is because it gives the player a sense of power and makes you feel like a Spartan. It makes more sense to have master chief to be duel wielding like in halo 2 and 3 I never understand why the feature was taken out in the campain. Also if you have trouble with forerunner weapons with dual wielding just look at at past games like 2 and 3. Thanks 343 for listing and putting up with us halo fans.

I agree with the dual wielding, as it could make more weapon combinations one question remains why did they stop at Halo Reach? That’s where it stopped and I personally believe that some people will enjoy the concept of duel wielding again but others which haven’t played the originals will not agree.

I 100% agreed with that statement I also thick it be cool to have skulls that we can pick up like 2 and 3 just for fun.