Halo 6 Campaign: fire team or solo MC?

Here’s a good topic for debate!

Halo 6 campaign: do you want to see MC go solo like in most previous games, possibly split off with Arbiter or Locke. Or would you like to continue with Blue team and Osiris team on their separate but entwined path?

Personally, a larger campaign that encompasses MC, Locke, and Arbiter would be sweet for me. I need more MC than H5 gave though. Too much Locke

The more the merrier. I like having a squad.

Solo Master Chief. Preferably joins up with Cortana and goes Vader style and hunts down all the remaining Spartans and brings peace to the Galaxy :slight_smile:

The team essence from H5 was nice, and unique. But I would like more old school MC goes off as the last hope for humanity again.

Maybe be a spartan team of Lock, MC, Arbiter, and ?(Buck, Palmer) would be nice. Get to choose which hero you want to be. All entwined together for the last push to save humanity. I’d dig that.

I’d prefer to return to the lone wolf gameplay, the AI just isn’t good enough

Would love some Lone Wolf action most of the time but the for the final epic end battle a Reunion with Team Blue, Cortana and Arbiter would be nice. I just hope H6 will be as epic as they advertised H5. We just need more of Halo’s Epicness

master chief dies. its the only way to end it since 343 said they were only going up to 6. MC probably tries to bring Cortana back but Cortana ends up killing MC In her own obsession to bring him back into her life.

A solo type experience… how about a campaign where you played as master chief, Locke, and the arbiter… same number of missions for each.

Solo! I would like to have Arby too, that’s it.

Halo reach was cool because some missions had that team feel, but we also had solo mission (exanple: new alexandria)

I would like a team of MC & Arbiter as main. And if a third or fourth friend wants to play, gets to pick between H5 and maybe some other Spartans. Of course, Buck would be my personal pick.

If that’s too complicated, I would like to see MC & Arby.

Unrelated side rant: I really hope it’s called ‘Halo 6’. For some reason random names drive me crazy without numbers (especially long term). For example, imagine talking Final Fantasy with friends without the numbers and trying to remember when / what each was.

MC, cortana and maybe the arbiter some missions. Maaaaybe blue team would be cool on a few missions but locke and osiris will always be unwanted, at least for me. Also maybe mc and cortana can be separated for just a mission or two and that amazing feeling I got when I was left alone as a lone wolf in a strange place I got in ODST.

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> Solo Master Chief. Preferably joins up with Cortana and goes Vader style and hunts down all the remaining Spartans and brings peace to the Galaxy :slight_smile:

That would never happen.

I’d prefer Fireteam.

Just MC. When friends join, then it could be Arby, and 3 other Elites like H3. These AI guys are terrible.

I like the new Fireteams. (My love of fireteams started with Republic Commandos.) 343i needs to improve AIs, but the overall experience has been amazing.

Solo. We need more bad-Yoink- Action!

I would like them to continue with the fireteams. Just a lot more Chief. A LOT more.

I want Buck to be included for sure. He’s the only other new Spartan that I think is really interesting and that I really like. He’s got a good history and back story and seems to be a great addition to the Spartan cast. Just picked up the “New Blood” book but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet since I wanna play through ODST again first.

But ya, have it be teams still. With how things left off with Halo 5, it just seems like it wouldn’t be a possible solo task. Send Blue Team in and get -Yoink- done.

It should be dependent on the story and what it demands. Neither option should be shoehorned in for gameplay reasons.

Definitely need more 117!