Halo 5's story wasn't that bad

So a lot of the critisicm was from locke being the main character and not the cheif. Well Locke was obviously meant to be the main character. Even Cortana turning evil was explained. But tell me your thoughts on the stories issue

That’s great if you liked the story! For others there are 100s of reviews like this “Click here for link”

I think the biggest controversy surrounding the H5 campaign was the advertised product compared to the product delivered. They advertised H5 as being the greatest hunt in gaming history: tracking down and dealing with a possible traitorous heroic icon. The trailers implied a maturely toned complex story. Hunt the Truth implied the possibility of ONI going after Chief, and sending a hitman after Chief.

H5 didn’t deliver on any of these concepts. The story was emotionally tone-deaf, and the “greatest hunt in gaming history’s” high point was Locke and Chief awkwardly fist-fighting for half a minute inside a volcano.

H5’s story may not be bad, but it’s difficult to be objective about it. If I promised you a pizza for dinner, and then gave you a pizza box with a grilled cheese in it… wouldn’t that grilled cheese be at least somewhat dissatisfying comparatively? Even if it’s a good grilled cheese?

The main reason why it was hated, as Meds put it, is because it went against the advertising campaign - and frankly, the story they were setting up in Hunt the Truth seemed awesome, maybe even better than the previous games.

I still liked the story we got, at least most elements - excluding the stupid decision to bring Cortana back - but I can definitely understand why fans hate this story. Hopefully in Halo 6 we get a more mature, emotional and overall epic story that this game should’ve had.

Campaign gets more hate than it deserves but I understand why many didn’t like it.

I started playing Halo a year ago, so I wasn’t there when the advertisement came out.

1- People don’t like it because advertisements weren’t true.
2- I liked it because I didn’t see any of them LOL

IMO it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as what was promised. Chief VS Locke could have been super cool…

I actually thought this might be the end for Chief. Hunt the Truth painted a picture of a very dark game, and coming off the heels of Cortana’s ending in H4 it seemed plausible that Halo was taking a dramatic turn. Instead we got a mild disagreement in one mission. It’s fun to play and looks great but it feels like 343 took the easy way out. I was ready to get that “RIP 117” tattoo but the moment has passed.

Cortana turning evil wasn’t explained; at least, not in the game and not very well. What was hinted at in the game kind of conflicted what was said in other media, too.
Yeah, Locke was meant to be the main character. But even if Locke isn’t that bad, people wanted the Chief, not Locke. 343i has even admitted that they didn’t realize how much players cared about the Chief (which is surprising), and that the next Halo game will focus on the Chief instead of a varied cast of playable characters.
Halo 5’s story did not really tie up loose ends left over from Halo 4 and Halo Escalation. Instead, it kind of just scrapped all those plot lines in favor of a new one. There is a disconnect between Halo 4 and Halo 5 in terms of narrative that is very apparent.
Those “walk and talk” missions did not deserve to be categorized as levels. Halo 5 doesn’t have 15 levels; it has 12 plus 3 walk-and-talk missions. I believe they labeled them as actual levels in order to pad the number of levels they could advertise to make the game seem longer than it actually is.
Halo 5 did not fix the Halo series’ trouble with boss fights. Lackluster boss fights are not something specific to Halo 5, but it would have been nice if they had finally found something exciting that works. Fighting the same boss 7+ times isn’t exactly my idea of a good idea.
The whole “Chief is the bad guy” theme that was played up in the marketing ended up being nothing of note. Everyone wanted a dramatic confrontation between Locke and Chief; what we got was a cutscene that wasn’t very thrilling. And even Chief’s motives for going AWOL were questionable. I mean, he has a vision of Cortana, tells the UNSC about it, and then when they call him home he’s like “I don’t like it” and defies orders? It’s not like anyone threatened Cortana (unlike Del Rio in Halo 4).

No, it wasn’t that bad at all. But, as others have said, there is something to be said on the subject of expectations. The only pre-game marketing I paid any attention to was Nightfall, and while it didn’t live up to the standards of Forward or Spartan Ops, it certainly didn’t set me up for any Halo 5 disappointment. And I never Hunted The Truth so certainly no disappointment there. Grilled cheese? Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Lack of didact (I’m aware they dealt with this in the comics albeit very poorly) lack of depth of the character of Chief and blue team as a long time fan and reader of novels etc I was so excited to finally see them in action it was a let down, Osiris was very average and the overall missions weren’t entirely satisfying I thoroughly enjoy H5s multiplayer and the spartan abilities (not spartan charge) but the campaign was very weak

I agree with what Chimera30 and CoverMyMeds put completely!!! But ChanchipolloRes actually brings up an interesting point. If you didn’t see any of the advertising and went into Halo 5 knowing nothing about it, is it “as” bad? Part of me thinks, no it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, overall I’m pretty disappointed with it, but I’ve just never thought of that before.

My big things were what CoverMyMeds and Chimera30 put plus things like the squad-based game play. I wasn’t a fan of it at all. It should just be you and then have a system similar to Halo 3 but improved. If your the Chief say and your friends want to play with you, then they pick someone from blue team. I just don’t like the feel of squad based game play at all. It felt so forced in Halo 5. I like the whole me against them concept… but hey, if I bring a friend or two, then that’s cool too :wink:

343I again has a big problem with explaining things in the game just like in Halo 4. Unless you’ve read the comics or books, so many things in Halo 5 don’t make sense. They need to add more cutscenes or something. The player shouldn’t have to read the books or anything to fully get what’s going on, why these people are here, who are these people and so on. In Halo 1-3 I could understand all the events, characters, everything that was going on… But in Halo 4,5… No way!! Unless you’ve again have read the books. That isn’t right. That has to be one of the biggest complains I’ve also heard from people as well.

A other is boss fights. Chimera30 mentioned it but the boss fights or lack there of, in Halo 5 we’re terrible!!! Right off the bat, 343I kills off the main character from Spartan Ops and the comics in a , wait for it… a cut scene!!! That is laughable!! I literally said out loud after "is that it?? That is how Jul dies??? Are you kidding me?? Wow… At least have us fight him and his group of top warriors and once the final blow is dealt, then go to a cut scene. Like Chief’s battle with Truth in Halo 3.

Those “walk and talk” levels were an absolute joke as well!! I’m playing Halo!!! Not an RPG!!! If I wanted to talk to the locals, I’d play an RPG lol (which Xbox One needs a lot more of by the way… Lost Odyssey 2?? Yes please!!! LoL)

343I stories have always been super serious too… Which ya I like but man, go play Halo 1-3 and there are so many light hearted or comical moments in there it’s amazing! As well as super serious. Halo 4 and 5 seriously lack this as it’s ALL serious. Sure, Buck has a few good lines, but that’s it really.

I think the music too is lacking. Yes I don’t mind Halo 5 soundtrack at all (I own it) it has some great music!! but where is that song for example that always got played in past Halo games when the Chief was going off to save the world!! …or when he was about to take on 1000 bad guys. I know part of it is in “finish this fight” track from Halo 3. Things like that are huge!!! It sets a mood. Yet 343I don’t use them… instead they make entirely new ones to replace iconic themes like that. It’s not right. Not saying the composers for both Halo 4/5 aren’t talented because they are and both games have some great tracks!!! But if 343I/Microsoft want to turn some heads, perk some ears up, create a buzz around Halo 6… announce that your bringing back Martin O’Donnell to do the musical score. Music plays such a huge role in a game. Time to write that cheque Microsoft :wink:

Misleading and poorly executed are very different from being bad

There was alot of variety in the gameplay. None of the missions felt as if they dragged, and it was nice having some company along the way (the revives never hurt on legendary). The story was fairly nuanced as well. Cortana is presented as a very complex villain with a motive that is something understandable. However, the misleading information from 343 leading up gave us a very different expectations.
The “four times bigger” campaign was 4 hours long, and the conflict with chief was more or less resolved in a couple chapters. Then there are the “15 playable missions” where 12 were playable, and three were just strange filler missions. I do certainly think the story deserves more credit, especially after seeing praise some games get for even just having a semi-coherent story.

Literally had to read the books to understand Halo 5’s story.

Really??? Maybe it could of been good if it wasn’t so poorly executed in every way . To me this is the first halo campaign that didn’t feel like halo. My major disappointment was how linear the levels where and how small they were too. When I think of halo I think of a fps with huge scale and almost a sense of exploration roaming the levels. However halo 5 I knew where to go every time I felt pushed to go the correct way every time . For every other criticism watch the act mans reviews on YouTube he’s got it about spot on when it comes to halo 5s campaign.

It wouldn’t be the first time Halo marketing was misleading.
Halo 2’s marketing promised the battle for Earth…we had two levels on Earth and one on an orbital platform, most of the campaign wasn’t even about the Chief.

Halo 3’s marketing showcased epic battles for survival with that diorama and the Chief’s possible last stand…never happened.
“This is the way the world ends…” except it didn’t.

Don’t even get me started on Reach…

I’ve long had the feeling that the marketing campaign was foreshadowing the upcoming story arc, not just one game’s story. There’s still plenty of time to pull it all together.

I mean we saw devastated cities, Infinity in flames, Chief and Locke trying to kill each other, and the Chief in some unknown desert with the visor crack he did in fact get, walking up to what looked like a Guardian with the Didact’s trademark orange lighting.

Chief teams up with the Didact just to stop Cortana, gets labeled a traitor? We shall see. It can still be salvaged.

H5’s campaign was “meh” as a whole. Sure it was a different product from what the promotions depicted, but it’s unspectacular really. Then again, Genesis looks absolutely gorgeous.

Really glad to see great discussion here about this.

I don’t think it was as awful as it was first touted BUT I see why it gets a lot of hate.

I concur a lot with what is in this thread and I think 343i really dropped a great opportunity to continue with the Didact as a villain; I didn’t like the fact that Cortana returned as a villain. While this is/was a taken idea form the original H1 plan (little known fact is that Bungie originally was going to have Cortana become the villain in H1 after she got control of the Halo ring, or at least from what I have heard and read) I think they could have made Cortana evil if they some how made it so the Didact was the one pulling the strings in the background - almost imprisioning her and making her go against the Chief and humanity.

I think the game and story would have been better if the kept the Didact very involved as they would be able to continue the return of the forerunners narrative going from H4. I think then they could have had the “hunt the awol chief” narrative be something much more then what it was.

I guess there were decent ideas in H5 but just very poorly executed.

I do want to see H6 be very chief focused but I very much do not want the rest of Blue Team or Fireteam Osiris to go away. Halo needs more active characters and needs to develop those characters a lot more to give much more depth to the entire universe IN GAME. I really hope those characters are very much apart of H6.

I didn’t have an issue of who I was playing as it just felt like 343 was trying to make Locke this bad*** soilder in one go
It felt forced. Like thinking about the actual story doesn’t seem that bad. Just the way they went with it

I will be the first to admit I don’t know too much behind the lore of Halo. I keep meaning to getting around to reading more of the books and whatnot, but I just never do it. I did however pay attention to the Hunt the Truth series, but that lack of incorporation wasn’t even the most disappointing.

I was most disappointed and frustrated with all the enormous use of cut scenes. The cut scenes of the fight again Jul ‘Mdama, and the fight with Locke and the Chief was a missed opportunity. I am not playing a game to watch cut scenes. Granted they are important for telling a story, but for goodness sake we are in this for the fight not the frakin’ cut scenes.

In terms of campaign I didn’t think of it as Halo 5: Guardians. I thought of it as Halo 5: Cutscenes.