Halo 5's story flaws

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halo 5 to me felt…Busy too many character’s and not much going on at all to propel the story forward
lets look at each character
Master chief: in halo 4 master chief had the spotlight he spoke more and we saw how much cortana meant to him , where as in halo 5 …we got like 3 missions with chief ? not much at all so all that development halo 4 brought in was for nothing…

Linda: not much to say…she had what …3-4 lines of dialogue ? which is a shame
kelly: same under development as linda
fred: same as all of blue team in halo 5

now for osiris
lets start with the arguably the best character in osiris
buck: buck was the best thing about playing in osiris he was funny and interesting
vale: olympia vale…so …boring? enough said
tanaka : holly tanaka …was introduced in halo escalation in a 3 issue arc …which leaves her character seriously underdeveloped maybe they can expand on her in the future but her role in halo 5 leaves alot to be desired
now let’s get onto mr cardboard himself
jameson locke …the most boring halo character to date …he is so two dimensional …he adds nothing to the halo 5 narrative even the halo nightfall that introduced him was highly flawed he is just the most uninspireable character in the halo universe hopefully halo 6 kills him off he’s actually worse than sarah palmer .

the arbiter …and halsey and lasky were…barely in halo 5 so not too much to say about those

also far too much focus on promethians …which…are so…boring to kill but thats just a personal opinion i mean robots seriously ?

to sum it up Halo 5 had too many character’s trying to squash in soo much was far too ambitious and was far too focused on the wrong team
and failed to hit the mark story wise which is a shame because the multiplayer is quite good and is let down by the campaign :confused:

The horse is nothing but dusty old bones at this point, my friend. But you’re absolutely right.

i agree that halo 5 had a lot of flaws, however the characters, with the exception of Locke, all were thoroughly introduced in the books. Locke was introduced in the show Nightfall. I still think there should have been an explanation though for each character for those that dont follow lore

Mr. Cardboard…? Good grief… lol

I’ve pretty much given up on the story.

Between Halo 4, spartan ops and halo 5, the story is so all over the place that I don’t think even 343 really know where it’s going.

I kind of just try to pretend the story ended with Halo 3.

I agree with the OP 100%

The whole story was really lack luster. The only cool thing from the campaign was the fight sequence between lock and chief and even that only lasted like 1 minute. I think you’re right their are too many characters. The Promethean’s are boring to fight. There is no diversity like their is with the covenant. There was mystery surrounding chiefs disappearance…it was one radio call that chief said,

I’m going to check this one thing out
and Fleet com is like OMG he’s AWOL send in these 3 no name spartans and buck to bring him back!

Halo 6: Rise of the Forerunners
Staring antagonist Cortana and her army of cannon fodder
Staring Master Chief as Jesus - to sacrifice himself for the greater good and save humanity
Staring Locke - this guy that inevitably has to take the place of chief so we have have halo 7 8 9 10
Staring Team Osiris - because blue team is dusty old bones and you like these new young actors

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> The horse is nothing but dusty old bones at this point, my friend. But you’re absolutely right.

I got my dead horse beating stick. And I am sure a certain Halsey will continue to wail on that horse until h6 comes out.