Halo 5's ranking system and co-op

Halo 5’s emphasis on ranked competitive game play is refreshing. However I believe that it does not accommodate solo players well, especially in the higher ranks like Platinum and above. I predominately play solo due to the fact my friends list is full of idle or COD Fan boys so no one is really keen on playing Halo with me to form a squad and dominate. I would consider myself a good halo player, being a veteran of the series I have a workable knowledge of the core multi player meta. But because I’m not on a “squad” I find that my -Yoink- gets handed to me sometimes.
Also a criticism, which is old news but is something I have to get off my chest. 343i’s decision to take out split screen is one of the most stupid ideas conceived by them in the company’s history, the game had been marketed with greater emphasis on co operative play (the introduction of Blue Team and Osiris as evidence), but you take out local split screen? But what does it matter, the campaign was so short, you would have completed it even before you connected your controller -_-

Thanks 343i

Well H3 (the best game of all times)
had a group matchmaking in ranked.
But 343i the Halo hipsters dont want anything that previous Halo games had.

I know, what I meant was that Halo 4 had barely any ranked playlists in it, so 343i correcting this was a step in the right direction.

I completely agree with you trying to reach onyx ranks as a solo player is ridiculously hard :frowning: