Halo 5's Radar

Halo’s current radar does not fit the gameplay. Unlike past Halos, this is a fast play Halo. The radar is not useful. By the time someone is on it, there within melee distance. An 18m radar is not useful. This new radar leads to less face to face encounters, which truly shows who the better player is, and it leads to more sneaky kills. With this current 18m radar it also makes camping a lot easier. 343, we need 25m radar back for arena multiplayer.
What out your thoughts on this guys?

If it wasn’t for making people camp I wouldn’t have a problem with 18m radar but seeing as people do camp more I miss the 25m radar

The 18m MS (Motion Senor) is already powerful. We don’t need 25m because the maps aren’t as big as the old Halo games. Plus people like you already rely on the MS just to get kills increasing it will bring more problems which we already tried out it the Halo 5 Beta. If you want a bigger MS then go play Warzone which is at 40m.

But what 343 needs to do is give the community a Slayer Pro Playlist with Standard BR and Standard Magnum, Two Human Grenades with NO MOTION SENSOR. Slayer Pro has been in every halo game there’s no reason not to have it in Halo 5. I shouldn’t have to play SWAT, Snipers, or Breakout to get my NO MS experience.