Halo 5's powerful engine will bring new stuff

Halo 5 is on a new powerful engine and the beta looks OUTSTANDING! I’m guessing Halo 5’s strong engine on Xbox One will do things that Halo on previous Xbox consoles can not do. Imagine, they might put a bigger party size limit, bigger than 16. They might put a humongous forge world, ten-times bigger than Halo: Reach’s Forge World, no frame rate bumps, more weapons, more maps, a huge and giant armor selection, more campaign missions, dedicated serves, barely any glitches at all
(they might be glitches) and a new mode perhaps.The things I said are not confirmed by 343 but Halo is on a next gen console with so much things to do with an amazing engine. The Beta is only the very beginning it’s great so far. The things 343 show is pretty unpredictable so some of the things I said might not happen, we just got to wait.

Aren’t they shooting for 1080p and 60 FPS?
There goes a large percentage of the power right there. The prettier the graphics the harder it is to achieve both so expect downgrades and cut backs.

I say when they figure out how to properly impliment cloud computing for campaign and MM and direct x12 makes use of allowing more objects to be rendered on screen via the cpu (still bottlenecked by weak gpu that would have to shader them all plus double pixel count) then we can count on a true next gen experience. So expect this during Halo 6 not Halo 5.

I more interested in how the replayability will function… I mean once the overhype of the release has passed… what will continue to bring players back?