Halo 5's popularity

I think it’s fair to say that halo 5 is not the most popular game in the franchise. And with the rise of MCC especially on PC, and with halo infinite coming later this year, will halo 5 take a hit from it’s already limited active player base?

I for one love halo 5 and it is sad to see less and less people on the servers. On the other hand during these unfortunate times of covid-19 and self-quarantine, i have found the servers are more full and it is much easier to find a game. Do you think that the players that came back during quarantine will stay after this whole thing blows over.

I would love to hear your guys opinion.

My guess is that some might stick around because Halo Infinite will be right around the corner by then. People will want to grind H5 before that releases. However, that’s also assuming most of the players who came back to H5 are even still playing by the time the quarantine is over.

Halo 5 has a dedicated population thread linked below