Halo 5's Medal Art.

Something I do not hear alot of discussion on, but personally, I hate Halo 4’s medal art, they are so dull. and uninventive Just compare the multikill medals in Halo Reach to Halo 4. Halo Reach’s were vibrant, detailed, looked badass with actual metallic effect going on, I mean compare Halo Reach Overkill To Halo 4’s

Halo Reach:

Halo 4:

When I get a medal in Halo Reach, that shiny badge looks far more awesome on my feed than a Halo 4 medal.

On a side note, I preferred it when most different medals actually where specified in the kill feed not just this guy killed that guy, like in Halo 4. I think the only ones that show up are killing sprees and snapshots, and snapshots are customs only I think.

Definitely agree, the kill feed looked so much better back then. Now, its very plain. But i guess that has to do with the UI. We all know that Reach did a better job at that.

Anyway, the medals are definitely lacking, hopefully they’ll get fixed.

I hit the wrong button, I wanted to vote for Reach’s medals!

Personally I prefer the Halo 4 medals. I guess I like the theme they all follow. The only problem I have with Halo 4 medals are the size shown in game. I’m almost certain the size of the medals were reduced to contemplate for the sheer number of useless taking away the value of some higher tiered medals e.g. sprees

I guess we have different definitions of the word vibrant, since to me vibrant means something that is striking and bright. To me Reach’s medals aren’t vibrant, since most look dull and worn. By my definition, Halo 4’s medals are more vibrant since they are more prominent with the bright colours highlighted over dark backgrounds. And even then, Halo 2/3’s medals were even more vibrant than both Halo Reach and 4.

So to me, in terms of most vibrant to least, it goes:

Halo 2/3 > Halo 4 > Halo Reach

I really loved Halo2/3’s medal design. Like I loved Halo 3’s colour panel in the whole game! Everything was bright and had unique colours, so did the medals!

I definitely agree, that Halo 4 medals had the worst design…I didn’t even realized what medals I got (which has probably also something to do with all the useless once you get…) because the blue colour blended in so well in the HUD that I couldn’t differentiate between one and another.

I’d be fine with Reach’s design, though.

Reach was my favourite definitely.

I’d really like the classic colors to return, along with bigger and more-vibrant medals than the ones presented in Halo 4. In addition, there’s the issue of “over-announcements” in Halo 4 that needs to be balanced off so that multikill announcements actually mean something again.

Honestly I favored Reach’s and I like a lot of 4’s.

I think if they were sorta kinda combined H5’s medals would look cool as…starfox barrel rolling through an asteroid belt?..

They should Bring back the classic Style of metals. Also, I felt Halo 4 rewarded us way to much. You got a generic Kill, a grenade metal,ect. It was just unnecessary.

I personally like the modern look of the medals themselves. However, I have 2 personal gripes because I’m OCD and when I see something out of place, it stands out to me and bugs me:

1- Why are the stars on the Killtacular medal laid out like a 5-side of a die while ALL previous Halos had it in an inverted pentagon shape?

2- Why is the top star on the Killtrocity medal a different size than the other 5? It seems like a mistake and used the star size from the Killtastrophe(8) medal.

Here’s a mockup I did of what Killtacular SHOULD’VE looked like in Halo 4:

Original Killtacular

Updated, BETTER Killtacular

Honestly, the newer mockup looks better and is actually enticing to get in-game.

I didn’t like the look of them. They were also very small on the screen - Like they didn’t matter. There were also way too many medals, and most of the medals were meaningless medals - Again, making them seem worthless.

I liked H2/H3 medal aesthetics. Halo Reach wasn’t bad, but I liked the brighter look on the H2/H3 medals. Honestly I hope a lot of these medals get removed. Bring back perfection and sniper head shot and remove medals like distraction. The screen just gets to cluttered.

> I liked H2/H3 medal aesthetics. Halo Reach wasn’t bad, but I liked the brighter look on the H2/H3 medals. Honestly I hope a lot of these medals get removed. Bring back perfection and sniper head shot and remove medals like distraction. The screen just gets to cluttered.

Yeah, I never got 5 medals for one kill in Halo until Halo 4

The medals in Reach looked absolutely amazing. They were designed in such a way that they actually had some three-dimensionality and looked metallic. I suppose the Halo 4 medals were made to look simpler and therefore clearer, but it also made them look dull. Even the higher medals in Halo 4 look really uninteresting. And although it may not matter as much in the medal feed, the fancier medals really look nicer when looking at stats.

Halo Reach medal art is a definite.

Halo: Reach had the best. I really like weathered metallic effect, as though they were actually medals. Truly the stuff of legends. Not too big a fan of Halo 4’s minimalist and clean approach.

Reach’s medal art was definitely the best looking. Halo 4’s medals look too clean, dull, and somewhat awkward (running riot).

Halo Reach medals
Halo 4 medals

Yeah…like others have said…Halo Reach looked better, displayed better, and were harder to obtain…

Same as the others.

Also i think there were too many medals. If there are too many medals then getting the important ones seem less special to me. They really ought to cut the power weapon medals.

Honestly i dont know what 2/3rd of the medals mean when i see them (or at least on the objection gametypes)