Halo 5's Forge The Old and New

So far we have little amount of detail on what we were able to do with halo 5 guardians custom games.

Things we know.

We can remove Spartan abilities individually.
Custom games has Dedicated servers.

So we pretty much know some things to expect from forge.

Returning pieces such as

  • Blocks- Walls and windows- Decorative- Inclines- Natural- Brides and Platforms- Spawns- Gadgets- Weapons- Vehicles- Scenery- Buildings- Grids- and possibly individual map pieces like in halo 4.
    Heres pretty much what to expect in terms of Pieces (Considering they were in past halo games).

Forge Mechanics.

We can expect to have these items returning as well

  • Magnets- Generating Lighting- Coordinates- Rotation Snap- Precision Movement- Movement Snap- Zoom- Locking- Unlocking- Duplicating- Restart round- Save map (lol)- Magnet Strength- Phase- Fixed- Normal- Spawn TImes- Advanced Settings- Color- Object Shape- Teams
    But what is going to be new in halo 5 forge?

Here is the list of new items that we already know of

  • Day/Night cycle (Not totally confirmed to be a Day/Night Cycle but Maybe Day and Night map versions)- New textures on pieces- New Circular Forge Pieces- Something similar to halo 4’s initial ordance- Something awhile back was said about Spartan Abilities being able to be picked up on the map. (This could possibly be custom power ups and simply changing traits- New vehicles- New weapons- New maps- New Forge pieces- New Forge terrain pieces
    That is pretty much all we know. So any speculation to what we might have thats totally new? They did say that Halo 5 Guardians forge was going to be “Amazing and New” so what can we expect from them?

I hope they blow our minds with forge.

Tools for map building fall along a continuum with forge at one end and the tools professional devs, such as 343, use at the other end. I have no doubt that H5G forge will slide up the continuum. The question is how far up? Xbone is a powerful platform, and while it may not be able to do everything the developer can do, it can do a lot more than a 360. So how many of their toys is 343 willing to share with us kids? Only time will tell. But I can tell you that I’m pretty much -Yoink!- myself with anticipation. It’s gonna be epic.

Josh Holmes confirmed terrain sections and lighting setups in forge in an IGN interview, make of that what you will.

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> Josh Holmes confirmed terrain sections and lighting setups in forge in an IGN interview, make of that what you will.

From new pieces to new forge tools itself. Im pretty amazed by forge already from the Beta. Hopefully it is just as good or maybe even better than h2a