Halo 5's Customization

I love 343 industries and what they’ve done with Halo and am really excited for halo 5 but I have to say that i can’t be the only one who is disappointed with the lack of customization. With the ammount of helmets, armor suits, and visors I really could care less about customizing shoulders, forearms, and legs. Emblem customization has been dumbed down a bit too but I don’t really spend hours just customizing my emblem anyway. Though this sounds silly, one of my biggest complaints about Halo 5’s customization is the COLORS! Oh come on, it seriously can’t be that hard to have the color orange in a halo game. I usually customize my spartan with rather orange or purple. Seeing that there is only light red or brown for orange options, and a light magenta/pink option for purple extremely disappoints me. Why can’t we just have the colors from halo 4. I seriously hope that they fix the colors because the footage I saw was from the pre-release and the person was opening req packs and showing off the customization. Even the beta had dark purple and orange. I know this seems like a small problem but I seriously hope it is resolved.
Now for some fun!

  1. What colors do you usually customize your spartan with?
  2. What armor do you want in Halo 5?
  3. What armor that isn’t in Halo 5 do you want to see in a DLC?
  4. What do you not like about H5’s customization?
    Thank you!

Blue, Blue with white, Blue with black
Chief armor, or Vale’s
Emile’s from Reach
The colors aren’t as solid or dark as i would like them to be

wish they had more like reach

but cant do anything about it

triple bump this
I need my purple!!!