Halo 5's co op mode

What should Halo 5’s co op mode should be? My thoughts are both Spartan Ops Season 2 and Firefight.

Why not both? Spops Season 2 would be great for those who like the lore, and Firefight would be great as well because you now have the ability to add Prometheans into the mix of Covenant troops.

If the game can handle both I say go for it.


Spartan Ops Season 2.

My only wish is that they make it longer than season 1. I loved the feeling of coming home on I believe it was every Monday that a new Spartan Ops episode was out.

I Think Firefight only unless they make season 2 longer or add a season 2 and 3

Add both if they can they were both good to play sure they weren’t perfect but they were very enjoyable

If they can do both, then do it, but if its one or another then firefight for sure.

We need Bots!

both firefight and spartan ops (firefight is strictely necessary.)

Both, but they need to be innovated more. Spops needs to be clear individual missions not just the same old chasing Jul M’dama every mission to find out that he’s escaped. Stealth missions, vehicle missions - give us access to vehicles we wouldn’t usually get (pelican/cobra).

Firefight would be good with new objectives. Reach’s firefight sucked. Wave 1 (complete)… Wave 2 (complete)… Wave 3 (complete)… Game over. WHAT!?. Play until you die, and if thats not fun, then there’s something wrong with it. Protect objects, destroy objects, retrieve objects, evacuate marines/civilians, assassinate high profile targets, and regular survive as long as you can. There’s loads of options

Innovated Firefight…

I like the Idea of Spartan Ops but it’s just too much work for 343

While having a survival mode is much easier for them to make it good and survival in games are fun

firefight please but just make it a real survival mode

Both would be cool. what also could be cool would be to add A.I in forge you could do a LOTS of possibility and maybe even create your own firefight maps