Halo 5's campaign wasn't very good and what to fix

Halo 5’s campaign was quite the disappointment. Although the game itself is fun to play, and the story (in my opinion) was good, it was executed poorly by 343.
What can 343 do in Halo 6 so that they don’t have a repeat of Halo 5, campaign wise.
Here are some things I think:

  • The cut scenes seemed shorter than normally, and didn’t have as much action, and explanation. There were a few cut scenes that were very good, but I miss watching longer cut scenes that almost made the game feel like a movie. - There was no explanation. For example in Halo 4 they explained what the Promethean Knights were, where they came from, and what they were doing. In Halo 5 we have the new Promethean Soldier, but what are they? Where did they come from?These are just my opinions! Id love to see what you all have to say. Thanks for commenting!

I actually really agree with this, and I was also wondering what the Soldiers are.

add different lower class bosses the lead up to the main boss, and every stage felt the same to me, every stage should be different and gets harder as you progress through the game, Halo 3 gave me that challenge, Halo 5 not so much

I thought the campaign was nicely done, with the exception of the end of mission 14. Also, I was expecting squad commands closer to what was in Republic Commando, but that’s on me.

Valid points