Halo 5s campaign and future campaigns from sequels

Hey guys i been thinking about halos campaigns and how they have evolved over the years. We’ve all played the classic halos and their campaigns. and many had problems with h5 campaigns for me the main issue i had was it seemed very linear compared to the original trilogy halos. Halo 3 had around 9 missions didn’t it which were quite long and weren’t that linear from what i can remember?. My own favorite will always be the original i was 16 when it first came out and i can still remember when i first played it i was mesmerized. Anyway back to my point halo 5 had was it 14 or 15 missions most of which seemed to be short? some were filler missions etc, would you guys rather it be how it was back in the day? . I am not talking mechanics or anything here just the campaign the levels and how they are set out.