Halo 5's Biggest Problem?

Halo 5: Guardian is a good halo game. The introduction of Warzone, an innovative forge sandbox, and competitive arena modes are the steps in the right direction. But what holds this game back?
What is it that the Xbox One’s Flagship game is missing?

Halo 5 Guardians has great music. GREAT MUSIC. The return of some classic soundtrack favorites is great. However, there is little “Epic” songs. Every part of the soundtrack is subtle and seems more like menu music. We need more High Tempo music similar to Halo 2 Mjolnr, Halo 3 Finish the Fight (music like that). But this is not the biggest problem…

Halo 5 has poor custom games support. The few Gamemodes really are starting to be apparent, I am constantly playing an honor system mini game of a traditional Arena map. There also few custom game options (but have mostly been added through last update). This is still not the biggest problem…
Halo 5 has poor theater mode. Glitchy mess! My crossair is 10 feet from where I shot. I will kill someone and I will almost have my back towards them in theater mode. This isn’t the biggest problem.

Halo 5 Requisition System. Plz 343, reduce the RNG aspect of requisitions. We need to be able to have some control of our REQs and Armour. Once again, this still isn’t the biggest problem (but it’s close)


Halo 5 Campaign.
The biggest disappointment in Halo 5: Guardians in my opinion. Go back and play halo 1,2,3, and even 4 to some extent, then come back and play halo 5’s. The introduction of 4 Player “Squad” Mode, The lack of diversity between battles, and Most importantly the Actual Campaign (excluding Gameplay). The actual campaign had out of play music, a poorly told narrative, and VERY poor Mission design. Halo 5’s mission formula seemed like it consisted of this: Small Room then a Large room then an Even BIGGER room (or area). There was no Diversity once so ever. I think of The Storm from halo 3, You went from area to area with different objectives, not just kill enemies move on, kill enemies move on, Warden fight, Move on. The mission design is a big one. The narrative for Halo 5 is rough, with cheap Trailer Dialogue and poor character development. Halo 5 suffers from an overpopulated character pool. THERE ARE TOO MANY CHARACTERS to develop. It would take several games to develop every single one of the 10-15 characters. Reduce the main character pool to make it easier for you 343. The music seemed odd especially on parts that were ominous or dark, wasn’t really any music at all. Think of the Oracle and The Arbiter missions from halo 2 there was a spooky and interested background music to complement the setting and skybox of the mission. Lastly, halo 5 Guardians Campaign does not need the squad system. Halo should be a game that supports either Solo or Co-Op ESPECIALLY In the campaign. I only seem to enjoy Halo 5’s campaign with friends On legendary. If I’m solo the campaign feels more like a chore.

Please keep in mind i explain what I don’t like about halo 5 because I love halo, not because I hate it. I want it to be the best it can be! So please 343, listen to our community about what to improve upon.