Halo 5's biggest downfall is the lack of playlists

I’ve played halo for around 10 years, and I’ve played halo 5 every day since it came out. I love it. But one thing that takes away from what a good game halo 5 is, is the lack of playlists. Halo 3 did it right. Having a set of ranked playlists, and a set of unranked. Halo 5 should have all the current playlists permanently, as well as: Ranked team doubles, ranked team snipers, social slayer, social objective, and grifball. These should all be permanent playlists. I’ve been hoping for this since halo 5 came out, and I have been disappointed big time by it. I know 343 wants to innovate a ton in their halos, and it’s paid off, but they seriously need to look at what made other halos such great successes (mainly halo 3, as it is considered by many halo players to be the prime of halo) and incorporate those aspects. Mainly having more playlists. Please 343. More people who have already bought halo 5 would play it a lot more if they had more playlists to enjoy. I think this is important to sustain popularity in halo 5 for another year or more.



Lack of playlist and lack of good servers.

Its a no brainer. A solution to all the problems.

agreed we need more playlists

As they say variety is the spice of life. I understand servers are expensive but req sales could help with that since the player base would be larger. And for the love of everything Halo make the holy grail custom games Playlist and make it permanent. I’d love u forever :kissing_heart:

It’s beyond ridiculous. Has there ever been a reason for this? I always thought the One is too under powered but idk

Agree with OP, we are missing KOTH, Oddball, Swat CTF, Dominion, Extraction, Action Sack (Husky Raid, Medal Madness), Team Heavies, Community Forge Maps and many more playlists (Halo 4 did it right with the great playlists)

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Nah that’s not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is the minimal amount of maps in most playlists. Slayer and Team Arena are in desperate need of some variety. 343 has an abundance of awesome forge created maps. Yet, they haven’t implemented any of them into the playlists and the game is slowly coming up on a year since release.

My biggest problem’s with halo 5 are

  1. Splitscreen
  2. Few Game modes
  3. Always online

Hopefully they do better with h6

Halo 5’s biggest downfall is still almost exactly what hurt the game at launch. 7 months later 90% of those things are still hurting the game: False advertising, lack of maps, REQ system, no server browser, lack of split-screen, lack of playlists, mediocre customs support (although this is a problem with every Halo game if you ask me.)

Now we actually have Forge, BTB, and the (majority) of the modes we need, but that’s all that was addressed really.

Yep, and pretty soon they are removing grifball.

Agree 1000 times over.