Halo 5's aiming mechanics are completely broken

As soon as I got this game I jumped in to MP and immediately noticed it didn’t feel right. No matter how I adjusted my sensitivity it didn’t feel anything like the beta and it didn’t ‘click’ like the other Halo games have for me in the past. I did a lot of testing today and I think I can explain why these controls feel at times sluggish, erratic and overall clunky in general. I’d also like to point out that these problems either didn’t exist in the beta or weren’t nearly as prevalent (thanks “PRO” team).

The first noticeable difference is the massive amount of acceleration you experience aiming at high speeds. It seems the speed at which you aim has been broken into percentages and separated by deadzones. Basically if you start your aiming speed at 0% (not moving) and increase it to around 50-60% it feels smooth, but after that a deadzone kicks in and doesn’t stop until your aiming speed is about 70%. This is called a velocity jump, essentially once you hit the deadzone your aiming speed stops increasing until your pushing the stick hard enough to reach 70%, at which point it begins to accelerate normally again. I believe there is another deadzone from around 80% that holds you there until you hit 100% aiming speed. Lets break it down to make it a bit clearer.

Aiming Speeds (we’ll round up)

  • 0-60% - No issues - 61-70% - The first deadzone, once you hit 60% aiming speed you’re locked there until you move the stick far enough to hit 70%. You never use the percentages in between, the velocity simply jumps over them. - 71-80% - No issues - 81-100% - The second deadzone, functions just at I described the first one.I don’t believe these percentages are correct but you get the point I’m trying to make.

What’s worse is these deadzone percentages seem to function differently when it comes to horizontal vs vertical aiming. I’ve also noticed an insane drop in aiming speed when in close quarters combat and an equally insane increase when it comes to turning while sprinting.I’ve read that 343 has addressed these complaints and said the mechanics are operating as designed and that is downright embarrassing for them to say. There are major issues here that need to be addressed and not brushed off as some sort of “learning curve” that we’re supposed to get used to.

yep I also feel the horrible acceleration… whatever they changed in the beta, should be changed back.

I agree. I feel like i’m fighting the controller more than my enemies. Over and under correcting constantly and Everything feels sluggish and jumpy. Beta felt more tight.

Bump. Please 343 address this. The acceleration is crazy. I’ve noticed it since day one and haven’t been able to play correctly since. This is so frustrating. So frustrating I can’t enjoy the multiplayer. The beta didn’t feel like this at all.

Completely agree and this needs to be addressed.

I have a few major issues with the aiming mechanics.

  1. Aim “assist” is a sensitivity drop which is both too sever and kicks in well off target. It makes the reticle heavy and sluggish. Its a hindrance. I have a thread in the support forum.

  2. time based acceleration should be removed. You cant build proper muscle memory if the same joystick angle produces different speeds at different times. Having the reticle unexpectedly lurch does not produce a quality aiming experience.

  3. 10 sensitivity is painfully slow compared to previous Halos.

  4. hitboxes / bullet magnetism are too large / strong

The fundamental process of pointing and shooting in this game is slow, clunky, dragged through the mud, inconsistent, and unrewarding. The aiming mechanics of this game will likely be its downfall. I love to use the console version of CS:GO as a prime example, a fantastic game with fantastic content, but simply horrible aiming mechanics. No one wants to play an FPS game where the aiming mechanics prevent you from engaging the core point-and-shoot game play.

343i please listen to your players before you have no players to listen to. All you have to do is add a option to disable this. Y’all developed this game. I’m sure you can fix it.

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> 343i please listen to your players before you have no players to listen to. All you have to do is add a option to disable this. Y’all developed this game. I’m sure you can fix it.

Yes options are good!

They will fix these things they do listen.

here this video shows what the op be talking about.

I have the same issue. Less noticeable on my Forza controller.
But completely unplayable on my new Xbox Elite controller.

Please fix this ASAP!!!


I am so with you guys. 343 messed with the aiming code and it’s just really bad. I’m going to be honest, if this never gets fixed, then I’m done with this game’s multiplayer. I’m so disappointed about the deadzone and aiming acceleration. I was hoping this was going back to some classic Halo pvp arena style where there are no gimmicks. Now, it’s just fighting the aiming controls. It’s not quick and snappy AT ALL. 343, please please please fix this. Halo 4’s aiming feels flawless on MCC. Please revert it back to that, or give us the option to adjust deadzone size and acceleration. Again, I’m so disappointed, I don’t even know where to begin…

Been playing every Halo game since release and this one felt wrong right off the bat. This is not the tight Halo controls we’re used to.

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> yep I also feel the horrible acceleration… whatever they changed in the beta, should be changed back.

I also feel like the controls were better on the BETA then the DANG Final build… I cant stand the NEW stuff they did to it… I went from HERO to ZERO… Now i suck at playing this GAME… I hope they fix it FAST… i spent $564 on HALO 5 and i cant even ENJOY my FAVORITE GAME anymore becoused they CHANGED it…


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