Halo 5's aiming frustrates me..

First of all: I like Halo 5. I think it’s a great game. The campaign is good (in my opinion) and the gameplay mechanics are amazing.

But here comes my problem: Multiplayer is frustrating me. I have the feeling I’m a complete noob. I get shot over and over again (in Arena as well as in Warzone.)
Worst of all is my aiming: I can’t aim at my target, I’m always missing at least half of the shots. Mostly it’s the final shot I don’t get - means I’ve removed the enemy’s shields but can’t finish him.
I know Halo 4 had bullet magnetism as hell, but why do I suck so badly in Halo 5?
I’ve played every single Halo multiplayer since Halo 2, but I’ve never been as bad as now. Of course, I’ve never been that good at FPS games. Average, but that has always been okay to me.
I miss something in Halo 5. I’ve always been happy with some nice kills and ,Spartan- like’’ actions in the other parts of the franchise, but now it feels like being a marine who tries to fight Spartans and gets wrecked. There should be some PvE like Spartan Ops where you can challenge yourself a little bit and just behave as a Spartan would do.

The point is: I have some good tactics, but they never work because I get killed too fast. I tried to increase my aiming skills (watched videos on YouTube and so on…), but either I’m rushing and miss every single shot or I try to concentrate and get killed because I’m shooting too slow.

I’m happy my Xbox Live membership just expired so I can take a break. I never got angry while playing a game but yesterday I accidently broke something because I got in rage :smiley:
Never happened before and I don’t want it to happen again…

Maybe you understand what I’m talking about.

By the way, I’m not a native English speaker. I’m sorry if I made language mistakes.


if you want it to feel like older halo games start off with sens 3-4 and aim accel 2 with dead zones set at 0

try that out for about 10 games and see if you get used to it

the more you change your settings the harder it will be to develop muscle memory

you will suck for a bit while you get used to the change, you just gotta adapt

I made my aim acceleration 1 sensitivity 5 (do whatever you’re comfortable with) and dead zones at 0%, then played tons of swat and my aim has gotten a lot better ever since.

You can adjust the dead zones, worked for me when my aim felt a little bit off

Thank you guys.
I will try to get used to the classic settings.

At the moment I’m using the Bumper-Jumper layout. Should be the best choice for a 1v1, or am I wrong?

Go to U-Tube and search to find a video. I was having the same problem, I checked out a few vids on the subject and it was explained quite well in one of then. I’m now playing with my controller settings to get them comfortable for my aiming. One of the vids was really good. I also use bumper jumper…

All right, thanks.

I’ve just noticed that I’m playing way better in Arena than in Warzone. Maybe I should stay there, it’s much more fun.

Thanks for the tip with the dead zones to 0%, aiming feels better now!

It’s probably due to the “Velocity Jump” in the Halo 5 aiming mechanic.

Halo 5 has two deadzones, 1 for aiming & 1 for turning. Once you peg the stick roughly 80% left or right for example, you are no longer able to aim accurately because the 2nd deadzone kick’s in.

Here’s hoping 343i give us the option to disable the 2nd deadzone & remove the velocity jump completely in a future update.

I prefer Arena for the challenge and Warzone for fun. Use your thruster packs more to break your opponent’s momentum but above all practice makes perfect then go over your stuff to see if your consistently making the same mistakes.

Now OP at first aiming was odd to me in this game, but after days of playing I have been able to complete the perfect shot commendation and easily aim for headshots. Just work on it and find the right settings.

To add on to the aiming talk, it may just be the players but why is it so dang easy to kill a player in any vehicle turret. It seems you can barley get kills from the warthogs turret without getting killed or almost killed. Its like the driver has to be strategic and not charge into battle or the turret spartan will be killed and eventually the driver. In Halo Reach I seriously drove backwards and my brother on the turret got countless kills and never died.

Maybe everyone is just a good aim now.