Halo 5

How do you earn stuff

Play online matches, earn REQ points, and buy REQ packs. This applies to most of the items in Halo 5, but there are a handful of exceptions.

Are you asking about REQ points? Just playing Multiplayer earns you points. If you want to earn them faster, focus on the AI rather than the other team as much as you can, as that’s where you earn points (killing a member of the other team was a single point last I checked, but you get a whole lot more if you take down one of the Bosses).
Then there’s a menu where you can buy REQ cards with the points you’ve earned. Unless they’ve changed it, you want to by the lower level REQ cards first, because they’re a cheaper way to unlock all of the common Requisitions, and once you have most of them, you’ll move to the higher REQ cards to be able to unlock the rarer Requisitions.
I recommend figuring out which requisitions you like, and selling the rest for additional REQ points. For me personally, I figured out that I can do almost whatever I need to with the Scoped Assault Rifle with Kinetic Bolts (which I can requisition by the time we take our first base, and I’ll respawn with it for the rest of the game without having to re-requisition it). However I keep any Fuel Rod Cannons and Scorpions I get because sometimes those are the difference between winning and losing a match.

PS: I haven’t played the Multiplayer since before the Month of Mythic, because my Gold account expired, and with life being what it is at the moment, buying a Gold account for how little chance I’d get to play online wouldn’t be fiscally responsible. The above advice was true the last time I played, but they may have changed how the calculate Requisitions since then, and new weapons added may have changed the gameplay entirely. I simply don’t have a way to know.

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> Play online matches, earn REQ points, and buy REQ packs. This applies to most of the items in Halo 5, but there are a handful of exceptions.

OP: to add to the above. You should start by redeeming your points for silver packs and continue with this until you receive a point refund. Then you should move on to gold and do the same. That is the lease time consuming way to get all the items available in the req pool including most of the armors, helmets, skins, and weapons.

There are a few exceptions; a few mongoose variants can only be attained by opening bronze packs, Achilles armor/helmet requires you to join a Spartan company and work with them to complete commendations, there are season emblems for attaining an arena rank in a given season, and there are a few items that are (or were) only available through purchase.

You should be a lot more specific, you play multiplayer and earn REQ points, then proceed to open packs with your REQ points. Then you go on and on.

How do you earn stuff!!!