Halo 5 Xbox One Console

Do you guys think there will be a Halo 5 edition Xbox One console? I really hope so!

Do I want one…? Is that a trick question? Of course I want one! :smiley:

Do I think there will be one? Not certain, but I hope so!

I’m pretty confident that we’ll get a Halo 5 themed Xbox One, given that this is the first major title on the console.

I’m also confident that I’ll buy the Halo 5 themed Xbox One.

Sure, doesn’t mater to me but I know a lot of fans love getting the themed consoles. I’ve always been happy with the generic systems and could never see myself buying a themed console. Nothing wrong with 343i creating one though.

Yeah, more than likely.

I’d like there to be one, I have no intention of buying one but I’d like to see what they’d do.

A Halo 5 console, yes, H2A or H MCC, no.