HALO 5 - XBOX LIVE - Horrible servers and service.

This has been ongoing for over two months now.
XBOX LIVE, Microsoft, and 343i Better get their $#!T together. I Have friends who can’t get experience or req points playing any warzone game, It absolutely will not keep everyone in the party ever, everyone needs to hard reset like a million times just to find a server, and once we start a game it drops at least one to three people.

This is the Reverse effect of Master Chief Collection.
Halo 5 is progressively getting worse and worse until the game becomes just like Master Chief Collection on release day

  • Please add more servers! Please don’t force me to play people from out of the United States.

  • I don’t care about rank that much, that I need to play people from Columbus, Ohio with 4 ping and my ping is 100+ just to make it a competitive game. (connection kids)

  • Do we have a statistic report out yet on the amount of “GOOD PLAYERS” and their relative location to the HALO 5 AZURE SERVERS. vs. The amount of average players and their relative location to the Halo 5 AZURE Servers?

  • This is not a few people experience. This is an ongoing battle. This issue is connected to the outage in party chat, and disconnects.

i had the same problem when playing with my clan it was annoying

Now the Servers are limited

I haven’t been experiencing this… I mean, it happens every so often and usually stays that way for the whole day, but the next day it’s usually fixed.