Halo 5 won't load


My Halo 5 game worked last weekend. There was an update just recently March 7, 2017 that seemed to corrupt my game. I have done the cache clear for error 0x8027025d many times. This did not fix it. I have uninstalled the game twice and reinstalled with game disc and still won’t load. I have deleted my xbox gamer profile from the system. This did not work. I do not want to do a factory reset because my son plays disney infinity. Recently Disney infinity discontinued it’s online service so I don’t want to mess up anything my son has saved. I would feel terrible. So I not sure what else to do. Other games work fine with the disc so it is not the Xbox just this one game.

Every time the game disc is loaded in it seems to want to install something but the installation stops and I can’t get it to restart the installation. When the hold X to launch comes on screen I hold the X circle power button but nothing happens. I tried reinstalling from game disc while offline. When I went back online it wanted to install a 50GB update. After this finished I ran into the problem of what seems to be a corrupted install.

I can’t select any stored local game data on the Halo 5 game to remove. When the disc is out I can’t select Halo 5 on my games in apps. Only when the disc is in can I select it. So it appears something is happening with the install.