Halo 5 Won't Download and Launch

I went to play Halo 5 on Xbox one the other day and the game wouldn’t get past the loading screen with Master Chief and Locke. The system all of a sudden became laggy so I power cycled it. Tried again, no difference. Next time, I uninstalled Halo 5 and then went to reinstall it (from the disc). It’s still not working. Any thoughts on how to correct this?

Make sure your disc isn’t scratched or dirty. If it isn’t, try hard resetting your Xbox.

Tried doing both. I cleaned the disc (which doesn’t appear to have any scratches) and did a hard reset. Still won’t work.
The funny thing is the entire system freezes up and starts to lag. I don’t have this problem with any other disc.

Thanks for the report! Are you playing on an Xbox One or an Xbox One S?

An Xbox One.

Just wanted to bump this. It’s a regular Xbox One. Not the One S.

I had that at the start but it eventually worked

Do you receive any error messages when trying to launch Halo 5?

I’m getting 0x800705b4 - even after I’ve deleted the game from the xbox and redownloaded it (via the disc).