Halo 5 Wishlst of changes

I’ve seen a few threads where people are asking for a lot of UI fixes. Mine is a bit more advanced and if it’s available already, I apologize (and someone please point me in the right direction!)

I’d really like it if I were able to use my loadout weapons in the campaign instead of only being available to use them in warzone. I would be tied to that weapon and not likely to ditch. Of if some mods were available at locker locations. Just a thought, but it seems like a waste to have all these variations available and only be able to use them in warzone.

Now, if I’m wrong, please let me know how to get them in game. Thanks people!

I think once Warzone expands, it’ll be different or once they add in other playlists that allow you to use the cards. Just give em some time

I hope so. Overall I love it, I would just like to use those weapons more often. (not that I’ve opened much)

Everyone else is welcome to post what they’re looking/wishing for!