Halo 5 Wishlist Half

If you play as Locke and Arby, the 3rd and 4th player are their custom Spartan or Elites (if Elites are in MP)
Play as Blue Team when Master Chief.

Spartan Ops/Firefight
Keep both, I like playing as my Spartan IV in Spartan Ops and having a arcade like gamemode like Firefight.

Playlist-A Sprint playlist and a Non sprint playlist with some the same gametypes. (Slayer,Oddball,and Infection) call it Classic and Evolved.
Customization- Have fully customizable Spartans and Elites (not preset Elites) for example Halo Reach/Destiny I want every Spartan/Elites looking different. Maybe customizing your player face skin color, eyes, etc. (I’ll get to why customizing your face later.)
Ranking- I want a mix of Halo 3/Reach because of credits (like the whole idea of buying your armor.)
Clans- Can’t remember Clans from Halo 2 but alot of people like it so why not.
Custom Games- Instead of a “Lobby” how about you are in a social place, a little hard to explain so go to “Assassination Tower Uprising a Halo Reach Machinima” at 5:00-5:50, all credit goes to them and it would stop people from “Delaying the Countdown.” also be able to take off or on your helmet like Halo ODST.
Post your thoughts about this NEED FEED BACK.


I don’t see a problem with playing as other character models instead of a copy of player 1. Maybe not Blue Team though.


FF needs to focus on survival and not being an arcade gamemode. SpOps was a cool idea but needs a lot of work to make it right. The time spent on that instead of something else might not be worth it though.


I won’t get into Sprint and that stuff because it is a controversial subject.

I support highly customizable characters BUT I don’t think we need facial customization. I want my Spartan (and hopefully Elite) to be different than others. Armor attachments like ammo pouches were great.

I have seen that machinima. :wink: It would be cool to have a pre/post in-game lobby but at the same time I don’t think it would be that great. Taking off helmets and having facial features still doesn’t appeal to me. Most likely 75% of your time will be spent with a helmet on because of being in a combat situation.

Here is my halo 5 wishlist.
Elites/spartans. I would love the halo 3 style elite editing and the halo 4/reach style spartan editing. I don’t want preset elites.
Armour: BRING BACK ARMOUR DETAIL! I would love to see if in halo 5 they would make the armor more realistic then in halo 4 because the armor in halo 4 was very ugly. I would like to see classic halo armors like mark 5, mark 6, recon, cqb, odst and maybe security which would be hard as the security armor is an armor from a classic bungie game called Marathon, as far as I know bungie still own the rights to marathon.
Spartan ops: I would like to see a continuation of the halo 4 spartan ops as halo 4 spartan ops was not finished. It need maps that are not multiplayer based maps, take complex, complex was a map first seen in multiplayer and became a spartan ops map. I’m not saying it did not work but it did not feel right.
Campain: Halo 5 needs player modals for the 3rd and 4th player. You could maybe do it so the 3rd and 4th players could play as their own spartans.
Multiplayer: Multiplayer needs to be better then it was in H4. In H4 it was good but at the same time frustrating. When a host lags it can cause a game to black screen for half an hour. Also don’t make great game-types be taken of the multiplayer like dominion was.
Forge: I would like to see a full forge which has a massive purpose built map. I would like to see editing tools which allow a player to change the maps weather and texture, I’m basically saying you could have the map an arctic theme with snowy weather.
Custom games: Make halo 5’s custom games like a halo reach. I would love the halo reaches search for files and well just make it feel like reach or possibly 3.
Theater: Make theater like it was originally. I would love it if you allowed campaign and spartan ops clips to be uploaded and watched within the theater lobby.
Pre-order bonuses: All I can say is make them. Make them good. Do like weapon skins or armor skins or even emblems