Halo 5 will never have split screen

Split screen is something that has been here from the beggining I know that, but its not something they can just “put back in the game”. I love split screen and I wish we had it, but we don’t so you need to understand that its not just a “fix” or a “patch”. Its just not going to happen in Halo 5 and we need to accept that. (And I know that splitscreen is not the only reason why its not the best game)

Yeah the game was built from the ground up for Xbox One and also to have 4 Player Online CO-OP and yes its a bummer but I don’t mind it. As long as it has some form of Co-op I’m good. Halo 5 is pretty friking awesome though. I have tons of games and yet I play Halo 5 every single day whether it be Legendary Campaign or Arena or Warzone and they are still working hard on improving it. 343 said that Halo 5 one year from Launch will be a totally different experience and its that change and improvement that keeps me keen to play more Halo. Some companies put games out and then move on to another title which shows they didn’t have much faith in it from the get go. At least 343 are dedicated to improving the game.