"Halo 5 will be a little bit darker"?

I was poking about Halo Nation and Halopedia this morning. I decided to look at the Halo 5 page. Its pretty much blank, except for where it says:

> It is said this chapter will be a little bit darker than most of the new Halo games.

It has 2 citations, but neither of the links say anything about Halo 5 being darker. So my question is, where/when is it said that it will be darker? And who said it?

I’m not sure why I’m so interested in this, but it just sounds so intriguing.

according to this article, frankie said it at HaloFest:

That would be pretty sweet. Like Empire Strikes Back is to the Star Wars saga.

That would be pretty awesome actually. I’d love to see them make it a bit darker. Could be pretty interesting.

I’m really interested in seeing what Halo 4 will be like and how this whole trilogy will play out.

Honestly I think that Halo needs to be a bit more dark in the gameplay but have a really immersive story line that makes you feel apart of the UNSC and not just a lone warrior who gets help in certain missions. Because in like Halo Wars, when you use the spartans, you don’t just send them to do lone missions, you have an army that strikes with them.

I just always wanted a Battlefield/Halo feel, I think it would be amazing! I miss when we had human aircraft to fly in multiplayer and large battles of spartan and vehicles. I felt as if when Halo 4 was made, it was just about competitive gaming and not the love of sitting down with friends and rocking Halo together in a fun atmosphere.

I just hope that Halo 5 evolves like it use to in Halo1-Halo REACH. If a darker feel is all that is added to the gameplay and feel of the game, I’m afraid I won’t be able to persuade my friends to come to the many Halo LANs I hold here where I am situated.

Yikes, this is almost two years old. There’s plenty of other threads in the X1 section. :slight_smile: