halo 5. why?

i have not been around in a while. im sure this has been talked about to death. but…

i have written more than a few topics here on the community forums way back when about the following…i return to say this and i will make it short and sweet.

there is nothing wrong with either liking sprint or aas or not liking sprint and aas.

but …

i truly believe that if the no sprint and no aas people are not given at least a couple of playlists, this game will suffer like the two before it.

why not accomodate this fan base? h 1 2 and 3 were successful and those fans liked it and ask for that playstyle currently. i will never know i guess why these fans are neglected it seems.

the fans who want sprint and aas. fine. but the fans who have left because of the newer playstyle of having sprint and aas will again be lost business and them leaving i believe will be detrimental to 5.


  1. i hope you listen to all your fans. its important to stay in touch with the entire community of halo followers. you know that but halos in trouble and i believe this is one of the reasons.